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Note- 1. P.T. M. has now been postponed from 20-3-19 to 28-3-19.
2. SEnd one cut outy of book mark with borders on a light coloured pastel sheet

Today's C.W.
English - Oral assessment.
Hindi- Oral story
Ev.S.- Revision of birds, animals,flowers,insects and trees name.

Today's H.W.
Book- Cursive
N.Book- 3 in 1
Note- Bring one white  thick A4 sheet , crayons and pencil colours for card making tomorrow. 

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of Noun,Comprehension.
Maths- Oral tables

Today's H.W.
Notebooks - 3 in 1,Drawing
Bring one small story book daily.

Today's C.W.
Hindi oral assessment.
English- Practice of comprehension.

Today's H.W.
Book- Cursive
N.Books- 3 in 1 , Drawing
Note- 26-2-19 and 28-2-19 will be working till 12:40.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Revision in notebook.
Cursive writing

Today's H.W.
Books- Cursive,Palaash
Notebook - 3 in 1
Note - Dispersal timings for oral assessment i.e. 25-2-19 and 27-2-19 will be same (12:40).

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision L-20
G.K. Oral assessment
Cursive writing
Hindi - C.R. on Meri Maa.

Today's H.W.
Books-  Cursive
Nbooks- Hindi- 2, 3 in 1
Note-1. On 23-2-19 there will be off for the non- participants.
          2. On 23-2-19 buses & van will be come on same timings (in morning) for picking up the participants.
Today's C.W.
English- Revision of comprehension in notebook.
              Practice of comprehension in 3 in 1 notebook.

Today's H.W.
G.K. assessment (oral) tomorrow.
Notebooks- English-2 , 3 in 1 

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of addition and subtraction in notebook.
Computer - Practical
G.K.- Oral revision
Tulip- Reading practice.

Today's H.W.
Books- Art,G.K.
Notebooks- English-2,3 in 1
Note - G.K. revision  (23-2-19)has been done in the class.
G.K. ORAL assessment will be on 21-2-19 (Thursday)

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of picture composition and blend words.
Hindi - mera priy tyohar in 3 in 1 notebook.

Today's H.W.
Notebooks - Maths , 3 in 1
Book - Tulips

Today's C.W.
English revision
practice of addition 
Today`s H.W
English- Do practice of picture composition &blend words
Books- Tulips, D.D
Notebook- English2
Note- Kindly send your ward in complete uniform on monday (18-2-19)
          for classgroup photograph.I-Card is compulsory &your ward`s attendance too.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of Being safe in notebook.
Tulips- Story of Cinderella 
English- Game of Nouns

Today's H.W.
Books- D.D.,Art
Notebooks- English-2 ,Drawing
Note- 1. Do reading practice.
          2. Learn tables.
          3. Bring sketch pens tomorrow. 

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Revision in notebook.
D.D.- Page-56
English- Word building in notebooks.
Palaash- Palaash- 78

Today's H.W.
D.D.- Do page-57
Books- Tulip, Ev.S.
Notebooks- Ev.S.,English-1

Today's C.W.
Maths - Revision of time and measurement.
D.D.- Page- 55
Hindi- Revision of all matras
Drawing of Spring season.

Today's H.W.
Art- Do page - 9
Books- D.D.,Palaash
Notebooks- Hindi-2,English-1

Today's C.W.
English - Revision  in notebook.
M.M.- Exercise 26 and 31.
D.D.- Pages- 54 and 64.

Today's H.W.
D.D.- Do pages- 59 and 60.
Books- Palaash,Art,D.D. 
Notebooks- Hindi-1 and Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision in notebook.
Grammar-  Page- 90 and 91
D.D.- Pages 61,62,63

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page-106.
Books- D.D.,M.M.,Grammar
Notebook- English-2
Note- Updated Recapitulation Schedule 
13-2-19 -- Maths (Time and Measurement)
14-2-19 -- Hindi Vyakaran ( lessons- 18,23,26)
15-2-19 -- Ev.S. (lesson-19) Being Safe
16-2-19 -- English ( Preposition,Panctuation)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of patterns, calendar and dodging tables
Hindi- Revision of ling badlo and vachan badlo.

Today's H.W.
Books- Grammar, D.D.,Computer
Notebooks- Ev.S.,English-1
 NOTE - Kindly check the Assessment dates under head Assessment schedule.

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of lesson-16 and Gender
D.D.- Pages-50,51,52 and 58.
Vyakarn- Pages-111 and 112.
Maths- Oral revision of tables.

Today's H.W.
Note- PTM is on Saturday (9-2-19)
Timing- 8:00 A.M TO 11:00 A.M
Kindly adhere the timngs.
Books- Grammar,Ev.S.
N.Books- Maths,Hindi-1

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of lesson - 10
Vyakarn- Prapatr  no 1 and  2
G.K. - Exercise 42 and Test paper-2
Revision of tables in  3 in 1 notebook.

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Do page-45
Books- Vyakarn,M.M.
Notebooks- English-2

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Revision of  lesson-16 and 18.
Maths - Revision of addition and subtraction .
Computer practical

Today's H.W.
Books- Vyakarn,Ev.S,G.K.
Notebooks- Ev.S.,English-1

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shrutlekh
Maths- Revision of money
Vyakaran- Pages 84,85,86
English Grammar- Pages 86,87

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise L;- 16,19
Books-  Tulips,Palash,G.K.
Notebook- Hindi-2,Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi sulekh
Hindi- Recap of L - Dosti
Cusrive- Writing practice.
G.K - Oral revision of Ch. - 3, 4, 5, 22, 32.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Learn spellings of l-16,19 for dictation on 4-2-19.
Maths- Revise word problem of money.
Books-Grammar, J.Maths, Dew Drops
NBooks- Hindi-1 , Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Dictatin of L-16.
English- Recapitulation of the clever crow and mice are nice
Maths- Patterns
Dew Drops - Pages - 60, 61, 63

Today's H.W.
Note- Revise for tomorrow's recap.
Dew Drops - Do page - 62.
Hindi -Prepare for writing competition tomorrow.
Boks- Cursive, Sci Ex, Grammar, Tulip.
NBooks- Hindi-2

Today's C.W.
Hindi - chitr varnan.
Ev.S - L - 20 choose the correct option.
Vyakran - Pages - 101, 102, 105, 107, 108.
Drawing - Draw Dream land.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise difficult words of L - 16 for Dictation tomorrow.
Drawing - colour dream land.
N.Books - Eng - 1, Maths, Drawing
Books - Vyakran, Grammar, Dew Drops.

Today's C.W.
English- Comprehension
Maths- Patterns
M.Maths - Page - 43.
Vyakran- Page -100
Grammar - Pages - 60, 61, 62, 74.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Do page -104.
Books- Grammar, Vyakran, J.Maths.
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi-2
Note- Check site for recapitulation schedule.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - L - 20 Sahi Aur Galat.
Ev.S - Draw Traffic light and label it
Interaction on First Aid box
Grammar - Adverbs.

Today's H.W.
Computer - Do Q -2 on page 50.
Books - Grammar, Computer, M.Maths, Vyakran.
N.Books - Eng 2, Maths.
Hindi - Writing Competition on 2-2 19 Saturday.
Note Check Computer Revision sheet on site.