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Today's C.W.
English- L- 10 Camping out frame sentences
Ev.S.- L-11 (parts of a plant)
D.D.- Page 24,25.

Today's H.W.
English- Frame sentences in notbook.
Vyakaran- Do page 43
Book- Vyakarn
Nbooks- English 2
Note- English calligraphy competition on 22-9-18.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - oo ki matra ki shabd rachna
Maths  - Subtraction double digit
Grammar - Pages 17, 18.
M.M.- Exercise-40

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Colour page - 35.
J.Maths - Do page -65.
N.Book - Ev.S.
Books -  D.Drops,Vyakarn

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 11 Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. (Fill Ups)
J.Maths - Pages - 63, 64 and Introduction of shapes
Vyakran - OO ki matra pages - 41, 42.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran  - Complete page - 42.
J.Maths - Do pages - 34, 75.
Books - Grammar, Ev.S, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi 1 , Maths
Note - Bring green vegetable in Lunch tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Subtraction Double digit
Hindi- Auu ki matra ka parichay
Palaash- Page 33
Vyakran page 94
Ev.s.- L-11
G.K- Page 50

Today's H.W.
Palaash- Read page 33 and do page 34.
Vyakaran-  Complete Page 95
Books- J.Maths, Computer, Vyakran
Nbooks- English- 2, Ev.S.


Today's C.W.
Card -Making for grandparents
Practice notebook(three-in -one)- English Writing
aau ki matra ka parichay

Today's H.W.
Paste the pictures related to wh sound words & flags of India's neighbouring countries in activity file.
Books-  G.K, Palaash, Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi (1)(With Column)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Word problem subtraction
English - Frame sentences L-10
Grammar- Gender Page 32,33.

Today's H.W.
English- Do frame sentences
Maths- Do word problem
Grammar- Complete page 33.
Books- Vyakaran,D.D.
NOTE- Bring 1 A4 size white sheet for card making and also bring the required material

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye aur matra magaiye
Ev.s.- Test of L-8
Grammar- Page 24.
Drawing - Ganesh chaturthi

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 23
Drawing- Decotaye Ganesha.
Books- Grammar, G.K.
Nbooks- Maths , English 2

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation
Maths- Expanded form
Tulip- Page 50,51
Hindi- Vakya banao of oo matra
Grammar- Page 20,21

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 22
Tulip- Complete page- 52.
Ev.S.- Revise L-8 for test tomorrow.
Books- J.Maths, Grammar, Vyakran
Nbooks- Ev.s.,Drawing


Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd Rachna (o ki matra)
Ev.S- L-9 Fill Ups
Story from Rangmanch-
Tulip- Reading of L- 10
Computer - Lesson -5

Today's H.W.
Computer - Do page- 61
Tulip- Read L-10 & learn spellings from L-8 for dictation.
Books- English Grammar, Computer, Tulip
Notebooks- English-1, Hindi-1,Maths
Note-  Ev.S-Test of L--8 on 13-9-18

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- L-9
Art- Page-5
Maths- Short Form
English- L-8 fill ups
Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Read L- 9 & do page 24
D.D.- Do pages-26 27
Books-Coputer,,Tulip, Rangmanch
Notebooks- Ev.S,Hindi (1)
Note- English Dictation of L-8 will be on 12-9-18


Today's C.W.
Hindi- O ki matra ka parichay
Ev.S- L-8 (Matching)
Vyakaran- Page -38,39

Today's H.W.
Science Explorer- Do Pages 5,6,10,11,12
Art- Do Page 37
Vyakaran - Do page- 40
Books- Vyakaran, Ev.S, Art
Notebooks- Maths,English(Without Column)


Today's C.W.
English- Lesson-8 (frame sentences)
Maths- Place Value
Hindi- Introduction of o matra
G.K.- Chapter - 25,26

Today's H.W.
English- Frame sentences in notebook.
J.Maths- Do page-96
Palaash- Revise page- 32
Books- D.D.,Vyakaran ,Palaash
Notebooks- Hindi,Ev.S,

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Rango k naam
Ev.S.- L-8 Fun with colours
Tulip-Reading of  lesson-8 and back exercise
Computer- Lesson -5 (Intro)
Drawing- Teachers' Day

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read lesson- 8 and do pages -40 and 41
Hindi- Fill colours in n.b.
Ev.S.- Do page-22
Books- Palaash, Tulip,J.Maths
Nbooks- Maths
Note- Kindly check site for september planner.

Today's C.W.
Tulip- L-8 Reading
Ev.S.-Fun with colours intro and reading
Cursive- Page- 23
English-Sound 'wh'
Maths- Counting 150-200.

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-8
Ev.S.- Do page 22.
G.k.- Do ch- 26.
Books- Tulip, Computer,Ev.S
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.s., Drawing
Note- Bring English and Hindi sentence notebook tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Janmashtmi function
Hindi- Dictation
Science kit- Seasons and clothes- rainy season

Today's H.W.
Books- Tulips, EvS. , G.K.
Nbooks- English, Maths
Hindi- Do shabd rachna.

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation of L-13
Hindi- Shrutlekh
Cursive- Writing Practice

Today's H.W.
English - Practice frame sentences
Hindi - practrice Vakya banao
Note- Bring science kit- Seasons and clothes (rainy season)

Today's C.W.
English- Vegetable names
Maths- Word problem addition.

Today's H.W.
English- Revise for dictation( L- 13)& Draw and colour the vegetables
Maths- Do word Problem assition in notebook.
Books- Tulip, Activity file
Nbooks- English, Hindi
Note- 1.Bring decorative material (stone stickers, mirrors, stars), fevicol and cotton tomorrow for activity.
2. Bring garland tomorrow.
3.Hindi Shrutlekh will be now on 1-9-18.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Test of Festivals
Maths- Test of addition and subtraction.
Computer- Tux paint practical

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Dictation of e and ee ki matra on 31-8-18
English - Dictation of l-13 on 31-8-18
Books- D.D., Cursive
Nbooks- Eng, maths
Sc.Kit- Bring season & clothes tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Lesson -13  Fill ups (A Rainy Day)
Hindi- Dictation
Dew Drops - Page-21
Art Book- Page-10

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise for test.
Dew Drops- Do page- 20
Books- M.M.,Computer , G.K.
Notebooks- Ev.S, Maths
Note- Bring one separate 3 in 1 labelled and covered notebook tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L - 13 (Meals of the day.)
Hindi - Vachan badaliye
J.Maths- Pages 28,58
Science kit- Home and around (Bath room and bed room)Today's H.W.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Read L - 13
Hindi- Revise for the test tomorrow.
Books  - Dew Drops, Art, Drawing file
N.Books - Eng, Hindi
NOTE - Test of Festivals on 29-8-18
             Bring one pastel sheet  tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Games- Hoopla race
Science kit- Home and around (Living roon and Kitchen)
English- Cursive writing practice and myself.

Today's H.W.
English - Learn word bank of l-13
Hindi- Dictation of u and uu ki matra on 28-8-18
Maths- Test of subtraction (single digit) and addition (double digit) on 29-8-18.
 Bring  Science Kit(Bathroom,Bedroom)
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.
Note- Paste your rakhi in Activity file.

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 A Rainy Day(Frame Sentences)
Maths- Expanded &Short Form
Hindi Reading Test

Today`s HW

Science Kit- Bring home &around(Kitchen&Living room)
Books- Art, Activity File
M.M.- Do exercise- 39.
Bring Rakhi Material Tomorrow For The Activity

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 Word  Bank
Ev.S- A Few Things I Need(Seasons &Clothes)
G.K.- Chapter - 16,29
M.M.- Exercise- 40 and41

Today`s HW
M.M.- Do exercise-20 and 22.
Books-  Palaash, M.M.
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
HIndi- Vachan badliye e ki matra
Maths- Word problem (addition)
Jmaths- Page 21,22

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 60,62
Maths- Do word problem in nb.
Books- G.K., J.MATHS, M.M.
Nbooks- English, Ev.S.
Note- 1. Bring 3D flowers, half meter ribbon and decorative material on 25-8-18.
2. Worsksheets given. Kindly return on 23-8-18.
3. Tomorrow is a holiday on account of EID.

Today's C.W.
English- Sound 'sh'
Ev.S.- A few thing we need - clothes
Jmaths- Page 33

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 57
Ev.S.- Paste pictures of clothes in nb.
Books- Computer,, Jmaths, Art
Nbooks- Hindi, Maths
Note- Hindi reading test of matra aa, e, ee, u, uu on 24-8-18

Today`s C.W
Story Narration Presentation
  Sports-  Dodge Ball
Hindi- Vakya Banaiye (ae ki matra)

Today`s H.W
J.Maths- Do Pages 29,59
Art- Do Page 23
Books- Tulip, Mental Maths, J.Maths
Notebooks- English, Ev.S
note- English Reading Test will be on 20-8-18 (Monday)

Today's C.W.
Activity- Origami Umbrella
Tulip- Page 63
English Grammar- Page  -47,48,
English- Sound' ch`
Maths- Word Problem (Addition)

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Do Page 64
Books- Tulip, J.Maths
Notebooks- HINDI, Ev.S
Tomorrow is English Reading Test of Lesson 4 & 6

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd rachna ae ki matra
Tulip- L-13 Intro
Vyakaran- Page- 35
Today's H.W.
TUlip- Read L-13.
Vyakran- Do pages 36,37
Books- Tulip, Grammar,Ev.S, Vyakaran
Nbooks- English, Maths, Activity file
Note- Bring two origami sheets on 16-8-18.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Addition (Roll number game)
English- Independence Day C.R.
Ev.S.- L- 16 Reading
Grammar- Page 46.

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 46
Ev.S.- Read L-16 and complete page- 55 and 57
Books- Tulip
N.book- Hindi
Note- 1. English reading test of L-4,6 is on 17-8-18

Today's C.W.
Hindi - ae ki matra ka parichay
Grammar - Describing words Pages - 43, 44
Vyakaran- Page -34
Indipendence day activity

Today's H.W.
Grammar - Do page - 54.
Palaash- Do pages 30 and 31.
Books - Rangmanch, Grammar, Ev.S
N.Books - Eng, Maths

Today's C.W.
Eng - L -6 Frame sentences.
Maths - Addition (Double Digit)
Ev.S- L- 15 Matching
Palaash- Page- 29

Today's H.W.
Palaash - Read Pages - 28, 29
N.Book - Hindi
Books - Grammar,  G.K,
NOTE - Check August Planner on site.
             Bring fevistick tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya banaiye

Today's H.W..
Books- Palash
NBooks- English, Maths, Ev.S.
Note- Bring one cutout of kite (on white sheet A4) and orange, white and green bindies or stone stickers on 10-8-18 for activity.

Today`s C.W
English grammar- Pages 51,52
English- L-6 Word Bank
Maths- Subtraction(number line)

Today`s H.W
Tulip-Read L-6
English Grammar- Read page 51
Books- J.Maths, G.K.
Notebook- Hindi
note- Tomorrow is English Narration Story

Today"s C.W.
Ev.S.- L-15 True/ False
Hindi - Shabd rachna
J.Maths- Page -26

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do pages  48 and 53.
Books- JMaths, Grammar, Computer
NBooks- English, Maths
Note- 1. Do reading practice daily.
2. Bring 1 3 in 1 rough notebook daily.

Today"s C.W.
English- Sound 'll', Cursive a-z and A-Z
Science KIt- Finger Family
FRienship Day Celebration

Today's HW.
Computer- Revise assessment syllabus
Vyakaran- Complete Page 31,33
G.K.- Do ch 47
Books- Vyakaran, J.maths
Nbooks- Hindi , Ev.S., Drawing

Today"s C.W.
Hindi Worksheet
English- Sound "oo" words
Ev.S- Lesson-15 (People in our school)
Vyakaran- Page- 32 and 33
Tulip- Back exercise of lesson-6

Today"s H.W.
Tulip- Do page- 30,31
Dew Drops- Do page - 18, 19
Books- G.K.,Vyakaran,Ev.S.
Notebook - English
Note- *Bring finger family puppet from science kit.
      *Bring snacks tomorrow.   

Today"s C.W.
English- Sound "ee" words.
Tulip- Reading of lesson- 6
Vyakaran-  page-30,31
Maths- Expanded form in notebook
J.Maths- Pages- 24 and 25

Today"s H.W.
Hindi- Revise for worksheet.
G.K.-Do chapter-8
Books- Ev.S,Tulip,Vyakaran
Notebooks- English,Ev.S
Note- English story narration competition on 8-8-18

Today's C.W.
Maths Worksheet
Ev.S.- A day in school
Hindi- a ka parichay
M.M- Pages 12 and 19
Rangmunch - Story no 3

TOday's H.W.
M.M.- Do page 17,18
Books- Vyakran, G.K., J.,Maths
Nbooks- English, Maths
Note- Do reading practice daily.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Short Form
Eng - Jumbled Sentences
Hindi - Palaash - Page - 28 ' a' ki matra
Drawing - Page - 17.
Grammar - page 37

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise for Assessment
Eng - Do jumbled sentences in n.book
Books - M.M,G.K., Ev.S ,Rangmanch
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's H.W.
English worksheet
Maths- Place value in notebook
Hindi - Vakya banao oo matra
Dew Drops - Page no - 17 and 22.

J.Maths- Do page- 52 and complete page -36.
Ev.S- Read pages- 47 and 48
G.K.- Do ch- 30
Books- Palaash, English Gr, Computer, Art Book
Nbooks- Eng, Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Worksheet.
Eng - One and Many (es)
Hindi - Shabd Rachna (uu ki matra)
J.Maths- Page nos.- 49 and 50

Today's  H.W.
Eng - Revise For Assessment.
Books - Ev.S, J.Maths
N.Books - Hindi, Maths.
Note - Carry Access Card for P.T.M. 

Today's C.W.
Maths - Subtraction
Ev.S - Festivals (Name the festival)
Maths - 47, 49
Dew Drops - Pages - 18, 19.

Today's  H.W.
Ev.S - Revise for the Assessment.
Ev.S - Paste pictures of Festivals in n.book.
N.Books - Hindi, Eng
Books - Grammar, G.K.


Today's C.W.
G.K Worksheet.
Vyakaran - Page29
Maths- Subtraction (vertical method) in notebook.
English- One and many in notebook.
Art- Origami (Envelope)

Today's  H.W.
Books- Grammar,Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths,Ev.s
Note- Check assessment syllabus on site.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Festivals- National and Religious
Hindi - Revision of ee and ginti
Grammar- Page 34, 35
Computer- Revision

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Revise for worksheet
Books- Vyakran, Cursive , scrap file, Computers
Nbooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Festivals- National and Religious
Hindi - Revision of ee and ginti
Grammar- Page 34, 35
G.K. - Page -44

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Revise for worksheet
Books- Vyakran, Cursive
Nbooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Addition.
English - Creative writing - Rainbow
Jmaths- Page 46,47
G.K.- Chapter 44.
M.M.- Page 30.

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise ee ki matra and ginti
Tulip- Colour the rainbow on page 27.
Books- Grammar, M.M.
Nbooks- HIndi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of Creative Writing (My Family)
Science Kit - Finger Family (story dramatisation)

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise addition (vertical,number line)
Books- J.Maths, Mental Maths, Tulip,G.K
Notebooks- Maths, English
Note- kindly check the Revision sheet of Computer & G.K on the site tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Revision of Before, After and in Between.
Eng - L -5 Colours (Rhyming words)
Vyakran - Pages - 27,28

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Complete pages 27 and 28.
English- Revise creative writing of My Family.
G.K-Revise chapters 20,21,31.
Note- 1. Bring finger family puppet from science kit.
      2. Bring one glaze paper on Monday.
      3. Bring labelled swimming costume,1 big towel,1 pair inners,1 polybag  tomorrow for
         pool party.

Today's C.W.
EV.S.- L-4 A family (big family)
Hindi- Badi ee ki matra revision
Jmaths- Pages- 20
Tulip- Page 27
Computer-Ex.of l-2

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise before after, between.
Books- Jmaths, Vyakran, Dewdrops,G.K
Nbooks- English, Maths
Note- Check site for yearly syllabus.
Today's C.W.
English- REvision of L-2 and alphabetical order
Maths- Subtraction (pictorial)
Jmaths- Page 18,19
Ev.S.- Page 17,18

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise badi ee ki matra
Ev.S.- Read L-5
books- Tulip, computer
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.


Todays C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of L-17
Hindi- UU ki matra parichay
Tulip- Intro of L-5

Todays H.W.
English- Learn word bank of L-2 for dictation and revise alphabetical order.
Books- Ev.S., D.D.,Art book
NBooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of L-3
Palaash- Pages 24,25
Maths - Revision of Ascending order and descending order
G.K- Page20
Ev.S.- Intro of L-5 Growing up
Art-       colouring in Snake

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Read pages 15,16 and revise L-17
Books- Tulip, Computer , G.K.
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi