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Today's C.W.
Hindi- संयुक्त व्यंजन करवाए गए 
J.Maths- pages-87,88
Vyakaran - page- 63,64,88,89
Diwali Activity. 

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do page-90
English- Do reading practice
Today's C.W.
English- Sounds sp and th words
हिंदी-वाक्य बनाइये (:)
Maths- Revision of Subtraction (Borrowing)
Dew Drops- Page-31

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops- Do page-32
Daffodils- Complete page-79 and do page-80
Note-1. Bring Rangmanch tomorrow
2. Bring the following activity material tomorrow Diwali-fevicol, A4- size dark coloured sheet, stone stickers, black bindis, cut -out of small crown and refer the picture given below and make different shapes of sutli.

Today's C.W
Ev.S- Taking  care of My Things work in notebook.
Hindi - वचन बदलो 
English- Creative writing - Diwali
Vyakaran-  page 57, 87.88

Today's H.w
vyakaran- page 48,49,50
Note- bring hindi notbook-2 tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Hindi-  रचनात्मक कौशल ( मेरा परिचय) , विसर्ग के शब्दार्थ 
Ev.S- Transport work
Sulekh- Pages-16,20
Unnati- Page-70

Today's H.W.
Ev.s- Paste the pictures of special transport in notebook.
Hindi- Learn C.W.
Unnati- Do page- 71

Today's C.W.
English- Rhyming words of lesson-15(At The Zoo)
Maths- Sums of Subtraction (borrowing)
Cursive writing practice.

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do sums in Maths notebook.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी- फूलों के नाम 
Maths- Subtraction (Borrowing) in Notebook
Ev.S.- Transport (Fill Ups)
Daffodils- Pages-78,79
J.Maths- Pages-106,107,108

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Complete page-108 and do page-109
Ev.S.- Draw the pictures of Transport in Notebook
Activity Book- Paste the pictures of Flowers 
Note- Submit Cursive and Sulekh Books tomorrow (those who have not submitted)
NOTE- Recapitulation schedule uploaded.

Today's C.W.
Maths-Revision of  Addition (Carry over)
English- Test of Frame Sentences of L-3
Daffodils- Back Exercise of L-15
Vyakaran- Page-54
Dew Drops- Revision of L-3

Today's H.W.
Unnati- Do page-61
Vyakaran- Do pages-55,56

Today's C..W.
Ev.S. - Transport 
Hindi- Sentences of anuswar and anunasik
Vyakaran- Pages 51,52,53
Daffodils- L-15 At the zoo(Introduction)

Today's H.W.
Daffodils- Read L-15
Dew Drops- Learn the rhyme given on page-24
Ev.S.- Paste pictures of transport in nb.
Note- L-3 frame sentences test tomorrow.
Bring English- 2 nb tomorrow.
Wear winter uniform from tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S-  Our Helpers in notebook.
Hindi- चित्र पह्चानिए और मात्रा लगाए - अनुस्वार और अनुनासिक 
G.k- Chapter- 29

Today,s H.w
Unnati- Do page- 76.
Note - Tomorrow is a PTM. Kindly adhere to the following time slot according to the roll no. 
Roll no.- 1-8 (8:00 to 9:00 am)
               9-16(8:45 to 9:30 am)
               17-24(9:35 to 10:15 am)
               25-32(10:20 to 11:00 am)
               33- 40(11:00 to 12:00 pm)

Today's C.W
Maths- Addition with carryover. 
English- Frame Sentences of L-9.
Junior Maths- Page-105
Dew Drops- Page-30
Art Book- Page-31
Unnati- Pages-68,69

Today's  H.W.
Maths- Do Sums of addition with carryover in notebook. 
Junior Maths- Complete pages-104,105
Art Book- Do pages-46,47

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd rachna -ang ki maatra 
Ev.S..- Our Helpers (Fill ups)
Grammar- Action Words
Computer- Reading of L-4
Daffodils- L-9 Back Exercise Q1 and Q2

Today's H.W.
Computer- Read L-4
English- Test of L-3 frame sentences on 15-10-19.
Note- Kindly check site for assessment-2 syllabus which is already uploaded.
Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Introduction of Our Helpers
हिंदी- महीनों के नाम और अं का परिचय 
G.K.- Chapter-28
J.Maths- Pages-67,103,104

Today's C.W.
G.K.- Do Chapter-29
Unnati- Do activity of page-67
Ev.S.- Paste pictures of Our Helpers
Drawing Book- Draw and colour Dussehra Scene
Note- Bring Daffodils Book on Wednesday


                                 Date & Day –  5.10.19  SATURDAY                                

Let’s  celebrate GARBA FIESTA at BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL . A religious and fun filled day 

full of activities.

Flow for the same


b)    GARBA DANCE -        Enthusiastically  participation of from class I to V students.

                             Attire  - ( girls)  lehenga or suit  ,

                                            (boys)   - kurta pajama with dupatta.

      c)    PARTY TIME –  Bring any chaat for chaat party tomorrow.

      d)  ART TIME – Bring ART file along with colours.

NOTE - No books only healthy snack , water bottle  along with almanac.

Today's C.W.
English- Rhyming words of lesson -9.
Maths- Shapes (triangle and circle) 
Unnati- Introduction of anusuar
Daffodils- Reading of lesson (Do not pluck the flowers)

Today's H.W.
Unnati- Do page- 62
Grammar- Do page 60
Today's C.W.
English- L-13 Puppy And I (Frame Sentences)
Maths- Introduction of Shapes
Vyakaran- Page-94
Junior Maths- Pages-74,75,76
Drawing Book- Sketch of Gandhiji

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page-95
Junior Maths- Do pages-75,76,101

Today's C.W
English- Mahatma Gandhi (Creative Writing)
हिंदी-दिनों  के नाम 
Ev.S.- Some Colours We Know Things by (Fill Ups)
Daffodils- Pages-71,72
Vyakaran- Pages-79,80

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page-81
Note- Bring Drawing Book tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fun With Colours ( Matching)
Maths- Word Problem ( Subtraction)
हिंदी- रंगों के नाम 
G.K.- Chapter- 15, 21
Activity- Origami- Tulip

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do the given work in Notebook
Hindi- Do colouring in Notebook
G.K.- Complete page-21
Note-1. Paste the pages of all the Notebooks and put the name slip on it.
2.Prepare your ward for the group discussion on the shared topics as per the given schedule :

30 September, 19 Monday

Plant more trees to keep the Earth Pollution Free.

Each one plant one.
( Relate it to Plantation drive )

1 October, 19 
Slogans and teachings by Gandhiji 
( Relate it to 150 years of Celebrating THE MAHATMA )

3 October, 19
Say No to Plastic and make the Earth Fantastic.
( Relate it to Mission started by Hon'ble P.M Narender Modi " SWACHHTA HI SEWA HAI" )

Today's C.W.
English- L-13 Rhyming words
Maths- Subtraction Word problem
Grammar- Has/have - Introduction
Junior Maths-Pages-66,101
Dew Drops- Page-29

Today's H.W.
Unnarti- Do pages 60,63.
Note- Bring Activity file tomorrow,
Bring 2 pink origami sheet tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fun With Colours(Mixing of two colours to form a new colour) 
हिंदी- ऋ मात्रा (वाक्य बनाइये )
Maths- Expanded Form
Grammar- Pages-34,35
J.Maths- Pages-99,100

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Draw and colour a rainbow in Notebook
J.Maths- Complete page-100

Today's C.W.
Maths- Place Value and Short form of 3 digit number. 
English- Revision of  Frame Sentences of Chapter- 8.
Vyakaran-   ऋ  की मात्रा  pages- 59,60. 
Daffodils- Reading practice and back exercise of chapter -13"Puppy and I".

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page-61
Dafffodils- Read lesson-13.
Note- 1. As a part of ELECTORAL VERIFICATION PROGRAMME kindly send one photocopy of 2 Identity 
proofs (voter ID is must, another ID can be anything out of passport, driving license, ration card, passbook, pan card, 
adhar card, water/electricity bill) of each member of the family who is above  18 years of age tomorrow positively.
2. Bring Maths notebook tomorrow. 

Today's C.W.
Special assembly on Mahatma Gandhi
Hindi- ऋ  की मात्रा की शब्द रचना 
Ev.S.- Fun with colours Introduction

Today's H.W.
English- Test of Frame Sentences of L-8 tomorrow
Note- 1. As a part of ELECTORAL VERIFICATION PROGRAMME kindly send one photocopy of 2 Identity 
proofs (voter ID is must, another ID can be anything out of passport, driving license, ration card, passbook, pan card, 
adhar card, water/electricity bill) of each member of the family who is above  18 years of age tomorrow positively
2. Bring English-1 and English-2 both the notebooks tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Introduction of Genders
हिंदी - औ मात्रा ( वाक्य बनाइये)
Vyakaran- Pages- 44,45
Art- Page-9

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do pages-46,47
Art- Do page-8 and complete page-9
Note- 1. Send waste plastic material like water bottles, juice bottles,straws,shampoo bottles, poly bags, jars, etc. for the campaign "Say No To Plastics' to be held on Monday (23-9-19)
2. Bring the following material on Monday (23-9-19 ) for Poster Making :
A3 -size sheet with coloured tape border and heading- "SAY NO TO PLASTICS" written on it,cut-out of pictures related to plastics and fevicol.


Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fruits, Vegetables And Flowers (Healthy and Junk Food)
हिंदी - औ मात्रा (चित्र पहचानिये /मात्रा लगाइये)
Junior Maths- Pages-97,98
Unnati- Page-59

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Draw and colour Healthy and Junk Food in Notebook.
English-Test of Frame Sentences of L-8 on Tuesday (24-9-19)
Note- 1. Tomorrow is working.
2. Bring English-1, Vyakaran, Art and Drawing Book tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
 हिंदी - औ मात्रा की शब्द रचना 
Ev.S.- Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers( Fill ups)
J.Maths-  Pages-30,56 
Grammar-  Pronouns

 Today's H.W.
Eng- Revise Ch-8" Happy Family" Frame Sentences for test. 
Note- Bring English 1 and English 2 both tomorrow. 

Today's C.W.
English- Introduction of  Sound "wh"
Maths- Word Problem (Addition)
Dew Drops- Pages-26,27,28
Vyakaran - Page-42
Computer Lab- TuxPaint

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops- Complete page-26
Vyakaran- Complete page-42 and do page-43
Note- Do reading practice daily.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी-  वाक्य बनाइये की पुनरावृत्ति  (आ ,इ,ई,उ, ऊ, ए, ऐ)
Ev.S.- Fruits,Vegetables and Flowers (Answer in one word)
Vyakaran- Pages- 41 and 42
Daffodils- Page-20

Today's H.W.
English- Test of Frame Sentences of lesson-8 (Happy Family) on 19-9-19 (Thursday)
Daffodils- Do pages-21,22

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers (Names of Flowers)
हिंदी- मात्रा (वाक्य बनाइये)
उन्नति- औ मात्रा का परिचय 
हिंदी दिवस -गाँधी जी से संबंधित क्रियाकलाप 
Health and Hygiene- Importance of washing hands

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Do the given work in Notebook-2 and submit it on Monday.
हिंदी-  वाक्य बनाइये की पुनरावृत्ति  (आ ,इ,ई,उ, ऊ, ए, ऐ) 16-9-19
Ev.S.- Draw and colour the Flowers in Notebook.
Note- Submit English-2 on Monday (those who have not submitted)

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation and Frame Sentences in Notebook.
Maths- Do Addition - Word Problem (Double Digit)
Grammar- Page-42
J.Maths- Page-62
Music Period

Today's H.W.
English- Do Correction Work and Frame Sentences in Notebook
हिंदी-  वाक्य बनाइये की पुनरावृति (आ ,इ,ई,उ, ऊ, ए, ऐ) 16-9-19
Note- 1. Submit English-2 and Hindi-2 tomorrow
2. Kindly send the A3-size sheet tomorrow according to the below format-

Today's C.W.
हिंदी- चित्र पहचानिये /मात्रा लगाइये  ( मात्रा)
Ev.S.-Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers (Fill ups)
Grammar- Pages-40,41
J.Maths- Pages-63,64
Computer Lab

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page-42
Ev.S.- Colour the Vegetables in Notebook
English- Dictation of L-3 tomorrow.
Note- Bring Art Book tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fruits,Vegetables and Flowers (Things we get we plants)
हिंदी- शब्द रचना ( मात्रा)
Daffodils- Pages-19,20
Vyakaran- Pages-38,39
Games and Music

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Complete page-39 and do page-40
English and Hindi- Do reading practice
Note- Bring Rangmanch on Wednesday.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Fruits ,Vegetables and Flowers(Fruits with many seeds,one seed and without seed.
हिंदी- मात्रा का परिचय 
Unnati- Pages-53,54,55
Drawing Book- Outline of Ganesha
Cursive- Page-24
G.K.- Chapter-17,34

Today's H.W.
G.K.-Complete page-42
Grammar- Do page-24
English- Dictation of L-3 on 12-9-19
Ev.S.- Paste the pictures of Fruits in Notebook
Note- Tomorrow is LBB day.

Today's C.W.
English- Use of This,That, These and Those
Maths- Table of 2 (Test)
J.Maths- Page-60

Today's H.W.
English -Read L-3.
Hindi - Do reading practice

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Intoduction of parts of a plant in notebook.
हिंदी- विपरीत शब्दों का परिचय l
Grammar- Pages-22 and 23.
J.Maths- Pages-58 and 59 
Art Book- Page-6
Music class

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do page-45 and revise table of 2.
Ev.S.- Colour the Parts of a plant
Note-1.Bring Drawing Book tomorrow.
2. Tomorrow's dispersal will be at 12 noon on account of Teacher's Day.

Today's C.W.
English- L-1 Bugs Play Music (Rhyming Words)
Maths- Addition (Word Problem)
Computer- L-4 Computer Parts
Daffodils- L-3 The Clever Crow (Introduction and Reading)
Activity of Describing Words

Today's H.W.
Daffodils- Read L-3
Maths- Learn Table of 2 for test on 5-9-19
Note- 1. Bring Art Book and crayons tomorrow.
2. Submit Hindi Notebook-2(those who have not submitted)

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Dictation of festivals.
हिंदी - ै मात्रा वाक्य बनाइये
Vyakaran- Pages - 74 and 75
Daffodils- Reading practice
Games and Music

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Do the given work and submit it tomorrow.
English- Do reading practice daily.
Note- 1. September Planner uploaded.
          2. Bring one small toy tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी-ऐ मात्रा (चित्र पहचानिये /मात्रा लगाइये )
        उ की मात्रा की पुनरावृति
Ev.S.- A Few Things I need (Fill Ups)
G.K. - Lesson-13 Indoor Games
Drawing Book- Bugs
Sulekh- Pages-17,18

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Learn Festival names for dictation on 2-9-19.
G.K.- Do Lesson-33
Drawing Book- Colour the Bugs

Today's C.W.
English- L-1 Bugs Play Music (Fill Ups)
Maths- Subtraction on Number Line
Grammar- Pages-20,21
Unnati- Page-52
J.Maths- Page-63
Drawing Book- Sports Items
Music Period

Today's H.W.
Activity Book- Paste the pictures of different Sports.
J.Maths- Complete page-63
हिंदी - उ मात्रा की श्रुतलेख - 30-8-19
Drawing Book- Colour the Sports Items

Today's C.W.
हिंदी-ऐ मात्रा (शब्द रचना )
Ev.S.- A Few Things I Need (Seasons, Clothes and Things)
Grammar- Page-9
J.Maths- Pages-29,34
Computer- L-5

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do pages-24,25
Note- Bring Drawing Book tomorrow

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation of L-1
Maths- Revision of Subtraction (Double Digit)
Computer- L-5 Reading and Back Exercise
Vyakaran- Page-37
Activity Book- Origami- Umbrella

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page-37
हिंदी - उ मात्रा की श्रुतलेख - 30-8-19
English- Do correction work of dictation in notebook

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- A Few Things I need (Introduction)
हिंदी - ऐ मात्रा का परिचय 
Vyakaran- Pages-34,35
Daffodils-Reading practice

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Paste the pictures of Clothes in Notebook.
English- Revise L-1 for dictation
Note-1. Bring 2 printed origami sheets and fevicol.
2.Submit Activity Book and Drawing Book.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी -वचन बदलिए (ए)
Unnati- Reading of L-8
Drawing Book- Drawing related to Janmashtami 

Today's H.W.
Daffodils- Read L-1
Unnati- Read L-8
Vyakaran- Do pages-32,33

Today,s C.W.
Maths- Subtraction (Double digit ) in notebook.
English- Frame Sentences of lesson-1.
Grammar- Pages- 46,47,48
Unnati- Pages-49,50,51

Today,s H.W.
J.Maths- Do page-28
Unnati- Complete page- 49.
Note-1.  Bring Drawing file tomorrow.
         2.  Dictation of lesson-1 on 27-8-19 (Tuesday) of Daffodils. 

Today's C.W.
हिंदी -ए मात्रा  (वाक्य बनाइए)
Ev.S.- Festivals (Matching)
Maths- Subtraction (Single-digit)
J.Maths- Pages- 20,24

Today's H.W.
Activity Book- Paste a decorative matki .
Note- Submit Hindi-2 (those who have not submitted)

Today's C.W.
English- Names of Vegetables and Sound 'sh'
Maths- Picture Subtraction
Rangmanch- L-3
Daffodils -Reading of L-1 and page-12
Dew Drops- Pages-21,22

Today's H.W. 
Dew Drops- Complete page-21
Eng- Colour the vegetables in notebook
NOTE- Bring 2 cut out of matki ,Cotton ,Decorative Material (,multicoloured papers i.e origami ,
mirrors ,stone stickers) one latkan ,  half metre ribbon,fevicol  tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी -ए मात्रा ( चित्र पहचानिये / मात्रा लगाइये )
Ev.S.- Festivals (Name the festivals)
Daffodils- Introduction and Reading of Chapter-1 and Pages-10,11
Vyakaran - Pages- 30,31
NOTE- Bring 2 cut out of matki ,Cotton ,Decorative Material (,multicoloured papers i.e origami ,
mirrors ,stone stickers) one latkan ,  half metre ribbon,fevicol  on Wednesday.

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do page-22
Note- Bring Rangmanch and Hindi Notebook-2 tomorrow.

Today's C.W
Ev.S Inroduction of National and Religious Festivals
G.K.- Chapter-7,8
Unnati - pages- 45,46,47
Sulekh- Page-15

Today's H.W
Unnati- Do page-41

Today's C.W.
हिंदी - ए मात्रा का परिचय 
J.Maths- Introduction of Subtraction  (Pages-18,19,21)

Today's C.W.
G.K. assessment (oral)
English- Frame Sentences of lesson- 2 (A Rainy Day)
Maths- Expanded form in notebook.
Cursive - Page -17

Today's H.W. 
Note - 1. Worksheets given , Kindly sign and return  till 16-8-19.
           2. Bring tri -colour lunch tomorrow.
           3. Come in proper school uniform with tri-colour cap.

Today's C.W.
Hindi Assessment
हिंदी -ऊ मात्रा (चित्र पहचानिये / मात्रा लगाइये )
Ev.S- Our School (Matching)
G.K.- Chapter-9,10
Art Book- Pages-27,28

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops- Do page-20
Grammar- Do page-56
Note- Tomorrow is P.T.M. Kindly adhere to the Time Slot given in the almanac.


Today's   c.w.
English- Lesson- 2 A Rainy Day (Rhyming Words) and Sound "ch" in notebook.
Maths- Short form  in notebook.
उन्नति - अक्षर र के साथ  उ व ऊ मात्रा का परिचय 
Jmaths- Page-31
Dew Drops- Page-19
Grammar- Pages- Introduction of Punctuation

Today's H.W.

Hindi- Revise for assessment.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी - ऊ मात्रा (वाक्य बनाइए)
Ev.S.- Our School(Put tick or cross)
Grammar- Pages-39,55
J.Maths- Page-49,50
Cursive- Page-17

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Complete page- 28 and do page-29
Note- Submit Cursive and Sulekh books (those who have not submitted)

Today's C.W.
Ev.S. Assessment
English- Creative Writing -  Rainbow
Maths- Place Value
Dew Drops- Pages- 17,18
Daffodils- Reading Practice of L-2 and page-17

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Our School (People in my school)
हिंदी - ऊ मात्रा (शब्द रचना )
Vyakaran- Page-28
Daffodils- L-2 A Rainy Day (Introduction and Reading) and pages-15,16

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Revise for Assessment

Today's C.W.
Maths Assessment
Ev.S.- Introduction of Our School
हिंदी -ऊ मात्रा का परिचय
Unnati- Page--38
Vyakaran- Pages-26,27
Today's H.W.
Unnati- Complete page-38
Note- 1.Tomorrow is L.B.B. day.
2. Bring Kite Activity material tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Sound 'll' and One & Many 'es'
Maths- Table of 2
Junior Maths- Pages-41 (Revision),47,48
Grammar- Pages-53,54
Unnati- Pages-35 to 37

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise for Assessment
Note- Send the activity material for Kite on Saturday.


Today's C.W.
English Worksheet
Maths- Mental Maths revision, Ordinal numbers
English- Sound ee

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Growing Up (Fill Ups)
हिंदी -उ मात्रा ( चित्र पहचानिए/ मात्रा लगाइए )
Vyakaran- Pages-24,25
Daffodils- Page-30
English- Revision of Assessment

Today's H.W.
English- Revise for Assessment
Note- Bring English Notebook- 2 and Rangmanch ki kahaniyaan tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.-Revision of Healthy Habits
हिंदी -उ मात्रा की शब्द रचना

Today's H.W.
Sulekh-Complete page-13 and submit the book on Monday.

Tomorrow, We have kept Saturday on as LBB day in lieu of first Saturday of July month. 
So kindly send your ward to be a part of this special journey i.e. Learning Beyond Books.

*. Send colourful clay and a box container for packing.

Today's C.W.
English- L-5 Camping Out (Frame Sentences)
Maths- Revision 
J.Maths- Page-39
Sulekh- Page-12

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Revise Healthy Habits
Maths- Do Addition (Double Digit) in notebook
Sulekh- Complete page-12 and submit it tomorrow
Note- 1.Submit Hindi Notebook-2  and  English Notebook-2(those who have not submitted) in school.
          2.Bring the following activity material tomorrow-
               6 different coloured ice-cream sticks
               Coloured sheet cut out of a kite medium-size
               5 crepe paper ribbons
               1 pair of googly eyes

Today's C.W.
Hindi  and G.K.-Revision 
Maths-Introduction of Addition (Double Digit) 

Today 's H. W. 
Maths - Do Addition in Notebook and revise
for recap

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of Name of the colours and fruits
Maths- Revision of Ascending and Descending Order and what comes After ,Before and Between
Vyakaran- Pages-23,24
Daffodils- Page-29

Today's H.W.
हिंदी -ई की मात्रा का अभ्यास करें 
G.K- Revise Chapter- 31,32,40
Vyakaran- Do page-22

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of Sense Organs
English- Revision of Articles and Myself
हिंदी -वाक्य बनाइए 'ई' मात्रा 
Daffodils- Chapter- 5 Camping Out (Introduction and Reading)

Today's H.W.
English- Revise Name of the Fruits and Colours
Maths- Revise Ascending and Descending Order & Before, After & Between

Today,s C.W.
Ev.S.- Introduction of big family.
हिंदी - इ की मात्रा की पुनरावृति l
G.K.- Revision of chapter- 2,11,12.
Stroy Narration Competition

Today,s H.W.
J.Maths- Complete page-17.
Eng - Revise Articles (a,an,the), Creative writing
Ev.S.- Revise Sense Organs.
Note- Submit English notebook - 2.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Missing Numbers and Comparing Numbers.
            Introduction of Addition on Number Line
English- Revision of L-4 and Naming Words
Grammar- Page-4
Unnati- Pages- 31,32,33

Today's H.W.
G.K.-Revise Chapter-2,11,12
हिंदी - इ की मात्रा का अभ्यास करें 
English and Hindi- Do reading practice daily.
Dew Drops- Complete page-15
Note- Bring Story Board for Story Narration Competition tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of Parts of My Body and More About My Body
हिंदी -उ की मात्रा का परिचय 
J.Maths- Pages-14,15,17

Today's H.W.
English- Revise L-4 and Naming Words
Maths- Revise Missing Numbers and Comparing Numbers
Note- Bring Cursive and Sulekh Books tomorrow

Today,s C.W.
English- Revision of lesson 7 ,Alphabetical order and Noun.
Maths- Revision of Number Names.
Dew Drops- Introduction of Chapter -2 "Share and Care".
Grammar- Page-33
Computer- Back exercise of Chapter-3

Today,s H.W.
Ev.S.- Prepare for tomorrow's revision.
Note- 1. Story Narration Competition on 19-7-19.
          2. Check updated recapitulation schedule on site.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी - ई की मात्रा के चित्र पहचान कर शब्द  लिखो व मात्रा लगाओ l
Ev.S.- Introduction of My Family.
Vyakaran- page- 21
Hindi - Revision of "aa" matra. 

Today's H.W.
English- Revise lesson-7 and Alphabetical order for class revision.
Maths- Revise Counting 1-100 and Number Names 1-50.
Note- 1. Bring Grammar book tomorrow.
          2. Follow the new Time- Table from tomorrow.
Today's C.W.
हिंदी - गिनती १ से १० 
Ev.S.- Healthy Habits (True /False)
G.K - Chapter- 6 (page -11)

Today's H.W.
Hindi-Revise आ की मात्रा and  गिनती १ से १० for recapitulation on Monday.
Note- The school shall remain closed tomorrow i.e. 13-7-19.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी - गिनती १ से १० 
Ev.S.- Healthy Habits (True /False)
Vyakaran - Page- 20
G.K - Chapter- 6 (page -11)
Drawing Book- Sun

Today's H.W.
Hindi-Revise आ की मात्रा and  गिनती १ से १० for recapitulation on Monday.
Vyakaran- Complete page-20
Note- The school shall remain closed tomorrow i.e. 13-7-19.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Picture Addition  in notebook.
English- Frame sentences  of lesson-8
G.K.- Chapter 5
Grammar- Page-30
Daffodils - Pages- 46,47

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page-32
Unnati- Do page-30

Today's C.W.
English - Frame sentences of lesson-8.
Ev.S.- Healthy Habits (Fill Ups)
हिंदी - ई की मात्रा की शब्द रचना l
Junior Maths- Page-16
Computer- Introduction of L-3

Note-1.Submit English-2 and Hindi -2(Sentence) notebooks tomorrow.
2.Check Site for July Planner.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Counting 101- 150
English- Rhyming words of lesson -8
Unnati- Page 27,28,29
Grammar- Introduction of Noun (pg- 27,29,30)
Computer - Lesson-3

Today,s H.W.

Grammar- Do page- 28.
Note- 1. I-card given.
          2. Submit English and Hindi -2 notebooks tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
हिंदी - ई की मात्रा का परिचय 
Ev.S.- Introduction of Healthy Habits
Vyakaran- Page-19
J.Maths- Pages- 12,13
Daffodils- L-8 Happy Family (Reading and Introduction)

Cursive - Complete pages-3 to 15
Sulekh-Complete pages-3 to 11

Today's C.W.
Hindi-  पुनरावृत्ति
English- Articles
Computer- tux paint
Grammer- pages 17,18

Today's H.W.
J.MATHS-  Do pages - ,54,55
Note-1. P.T.M is on friday i.e. 17-5-19. Kindly follow the time slot given in the diary.
2.Bring Rangmanch ki kahaniyaan and Vyakaran tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Eng-L-11 Colours  ( Frame Sentences )
Maths- Descending order
Grammar- Pages- 15,16,17
Activity- Music and Games

Today's H.W.
Note- 1. Bring Eng (1) N.B , Hindi (1) N.B.,Vyakaran, Cursive and Sulekh tomorrow.
2. Don't send Ev.S. N.B., J.Maths, Dew Drops and Daffodils tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya banaeye (e ki maatra)
Ev.S.- Test of Myself
Art Book- Page-3
Vyakaran- Pages-15(Q3),16

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran - Complete page-16 and do page-18
Art- Complete page-3

Today's C.W.
English- L-11 Colours - Rhyming Words
Maths- Introduction of Descending Order
Grammar- Introduction of Articles(a,an)
Activity of Mother's Day- Necklace

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Learn Myself for test tomorrow

Today C.W.
Hindi- chitra pehchaniye/maatra lagaeye
Daffodils-pages- 60,61,62
J.Maths- page- 51,52
Computer- Revision of L-1
 Dew Drops- Pages-11,12

Today H.W.
Daffodils- Do page 63 and read L- 11 
J.Maths- Do page-53

Today C.W.
Maths- ascending order
English- Revision(test) of fruits name
Grammer- page ,11,12(d)
Unnati- reading practice

Today H.W.
Note- Learn  myself for test on 10-05-19
Grammer- do page 12(B,C) , 13

Today's C.W.
Hindi-Shabd Rachna 'e'
Ev.S.-Personal Hygiene
Daffodils- L-11 Colours (Introduction)

Today's C.W.
Dew Drops- Page  10.
Sulekh- Page  6 and 7.
Cursive- page 15
Dance class

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops- Do q.4 of page 10
English- Learn fruits name for test on 7-5-19.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- Matching of  My Body in notebook.
Hindi- e matra ka jod.
Cursive- Page- 13 and  14
G.K.- Chapter-32
Art- Drawing of Boat

Today's H.W
Art- Complete the colouring in Boat.
.Note- 1.Check site for planner .
          2. Send three passport size photographs of your ward.
          3. Mention blood group on page - 9 of school almanac.
          4. Send the following material for activity tomorrow
                1 pink, 1 red , 1 magenta  A4  sheets.
                 2 metre mauli (kalava)
                 3 white thick straws 

Today' s C.W.
English- Colours Name
Maths- Ascending Order
Grammar- Pages-2,8
Unnati- Page-26

Today' s H.W.
English - Do Colouring in notebook
Grammar- Complete page-2 and do page-3

Today 's c.w.
Hindi - e ki maatra
Ev.S.-Revision of Myself
Dew Drops-Page-9

Today''s H.W.
Daffodils -Do page-44
J.Maths-Do Q1. on page-10

Today's C.W.
L-7 Mice are nice frame sentences
Maths- Put the sign
Unnati- Page 24,25
Grammar- Page- 6

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page- 7

Today;s C.W.
Ev.S.- More about my body (Fill Ups)
Hindi- aa ki matra - vakya bnao
Vyakaran- Page- 14.15 (q2 ,4)
Daffodils- Page 41,42
Jmaths- Page -9

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page- 13

Today's C.W.
Dew Drops- Page-8
Sulekh- Pages-3,4,5,6

Today's H.W.
Computer- Read L-1 and do page-11
English- Learn Rhyming Words of L-7

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchano aur matra lagao
Ev.S.- Test of my body
Vyakran- Page 12.

Today's H.W.
Note- Submit Hindi-2  notebook in  school
2. Bring clay tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Eng- Rhyming words of Mice are nice
Maths- Write the numerals
Unnati - page - 23
G.k- page -39( Golden words)
Grammer- page- 5 (alphabetical order)

Today's H.W.
Unnati- Read page- 23
Grammer - Do pager 5(B)

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd Rachna (Aa ki maatra)
Ev.S.- More About My Body (Fill in the missing letters)
J.Maths- Page-8
Dew Drops- Pages-6,7
Daffodils-L-7 Mice Are Nice (Reading and page-42)

 Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Complete page-8

Today's C.W.
Maths- What comes in between?
G.K.- Page 17
Unnati- Page 20,21,22
Cursive- Page-13
Computer- Pages-8,9,10

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Do page 16.
Unnati- Complete page- 22.
Note- Follow the time table from tomorrow.









Ev.S. NB












Ev.S. NB












Ev.S. NB










Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- More about my body in notebook.
Hindi - AA ki matra ke shabd in notebook
English - L-4 Alex The Alien (Fill ups)
Drawing - Earth day

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Test of My body on 26-4-19.
Daffodils- Do page- 27
Books- G.K., Computer,Unnati
Notebooks- Maths

Today's C.W.
English- L-4 Dictation and Rhyming Words
Maths- What comes Before and After
Vyakaran -Page-11
Cursive- Pages-11,12

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do page-5
English - Read L-4
Book- Daffodils
Notebooks- Ev.S.,Hindi-1 (Column), Drawing, English-2 (Sentence)
Note- Please submit the English Grammar if not submitted.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- AA ki matra ka parichay
Ev.s.- Sense organs
Unnati- AA ki matra
Computer- Page 7.

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 6.
English- Dictation of L-4 on 20-4-19
Books- G.K., Vyakran, Cursive
Nbooks- English-1, Maths

Today's C.W.
Eng- Alphabetical Order
Maths- Number Names (Dodging)
G.k.- Page-7

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do page-3
Books- Unnati, J.Maths
Notebooks- Ev.S., Hindi-1 (Column)

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Functions of Body Parts
हिंदी -चित्र देखकर शब्द लिखो 
Cursive- Page-10
Daffodils- Page-26
Unnati- Pages-14,15,16

Today's H.W.
Books- G.K., Computer, J.Maths
Notebooks- Eng-1 (Column), Maths
Note- Please make the above image with your own creativity and send it tomorrow positively for the Earth Day.


Today's C.W.
Eng- L-4  Frame Sentences
Maths- Number Names(10-100)
Vyakaran- Page-9
Daffodils- Pages-24,25
Drawing Book- Baisakhi Scene

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Complete page 7,8,10.
Books- Unnati, Daffodils, Cursive
N.B.- Hindi-1, Ev.S.
Note-The school will remain closed tomorrow.

Today's C.W
E.V.S - Body parts (rearrange the letter)
hindi - matrayan
Unnati- page 10,11,12,13
Computer- page - 5,6

Today's H.W.
Books- Vyakaran, Daffodils
N.B.- Maths, Eng 2, Drawing N.B.
Note- Bring old access card tomorrow positively.

Today's C.W.
Eng- L-4 Alex The Alien (Frame Sentences)
Maths- Reverse Counting(100-51)
Dew Drops- Page-5
Vyakaran- Page-7
Cursive- Page-3

Today's H.W.
 Dew Drops- Do page-4
Books- Unnati, Computer
 Notebooks- Ev.S., Hindi-1 (Column)

FOR PRIVATE VAN STUDENTS- Please submit the proforma latest by tomorrow.

Today;s C.W.
Ev.S.- Body Parts
Hindi- Vakya Banao

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Paste pictures of body parts in n.b.
Books- Vyakran, Dew Drops, Cursive
Nbooks- English-2, Maths
Note- Bring 1 passport size photo of Mother and Father tomorrow positively.

Today's C.W.
Eng-Fruits Name
Maths-Reverse Counting 50-0
Daffodils-L-4 Alex The Alien
Vyakaran- Pages-5,6

Today's H.W.
Eng-Paste pictures of Fruits in N.B.
Daffodils- Read L-4
Notebooks- Ev.S., Hindi-2 (Without Column)
Books- Grammar
Note- Kindly complete the pages-7 to 10 and staple the photographs of father and mother on page -8 of the almanac.

Today's C.W.
Dew Drops- L-1 Watch Yourself (Pages-1,2)
Handiworks- Page-10
Activity- Make anything with Origami Sheet.

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops - Do page-3
Junior Maths - do Q-2 of page-2
Books-Daffodils, Vyakaran
Notebooks- English-1 (Column), Maths
Note- Kindly complete the pages-7 to 10 and staple the photographs of father and mother at  page -8 of the almanac.
last date for submission of access card and diary page is 8-4-19.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Myself
हिंदी -अमात्रिक शब्द
Junior Maths- Pages-1,2

Today's H.W.
Books-Dew Drops, Art Book
Note- Fill the Access Card and submit it tomorrow positively.
2. Bring one origami sheet tomorrow.
kindly note the notebooks-- 
1. ENGLISH 1 = Notebook with columns.
2. ENGLISH 2=  Notebook without columns.
3. Ev.S.= Interleaf notebooks (one page blank)
4. HINDI 1=  Notebook with columns.
5. HINDI 2= Notebook without columns.

Today's C.W.
Unnati- Pages8 and 9
Maths- Counting 1-100
English- A-Z

Today's H.W.
Books- Junior maths
Nbooks- Hindi-1 (column) , Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Outside play
Rhymes and songs

Today's H.W.
Books- Hindi- Unnati
Nboks- English-1 (column), Maths
Note- 1. Chek site and E.R.P. daily and send books and notebooks accordingly.
2. All the books and notebooks should be covered and labelled.
3. Carry pencil colours daily.
4. Bring two sharpened pencils daily with eraser.
5. Fill the info page of the almanac without fail.