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Today's C.W.
English- L- 10 Camping out frame sentences
Ev.S.- L-11 (parts of a plant)
D.D.- Page 24,25.
G.K.- Ch- 25,26
M.M.- Ex 22

Today's H.W.
M.M.- DO ex 25.
D.D.- Do page 22.
Vyakaran- Do page 44.
Eng - Frame sentences in n.book.
Nbooks- English 2
Note- English calligraphy competition on 22-9-18.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - oo ki matra ki shabd rachna
Maths  - Subtraction double digit
Grammar - Pages 17, 18,19
Ev.S - Reading of L -11.(parts of a plant)

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Do page -64,65
N.Book - Ev.S.
Books - Vyakran, M.M., D.Drops, G.K.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 11 Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. (Fill Ups)
J.Maths - Pages - 34, 63 and Introduction of shapes
Vyakran - OO ki matra pages - 41, 42.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Complete page - 42.
J.Maths - Do pages - 75.
Books - Grammar, Ev.S, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi 1 , Maths
Note - Bring green vegetable in Lunch tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Subtraction Double digit
Hindi- Auu ki matra ka parichay
Palaash- Page 33
Vyakran page 94,95
Ev.s.- L-11

Today's H.W.
Palaash- Read page 33 and do page 34.
Ev.s.- Do page 33.
Books- Art, Vyakran
Nbooks- English- 2, Ev.S.


Today's C.W.
Card -Making for grandparents
Cursive- Page 33
Practice notebook(three-in -one)- English Writing
aau ki matra ka parichay
Rangmanch Ki Kahaniya - path -5

Today's H.W.
Paste the pictures related to wh sound words & flags of India's neighbouring countries in activity file.
Books- Vyakaran, G.K, Palaash, Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi (1)(With Column)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Word problem subtraction
English - Frame sentences L-10
Grammar- Gender Page 32,33.

Today's H.W.
English- Do frame sentences
Maths- Do word problem
Grammar- Complete page 33.
Books- Rangmanch, Cusrive
NOTE- Bring 1 A4 size white sheet for card making and also bring the required material

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye aur matra magaiye
Ev.s.- Test of L-8
Vyakran- Page 39
Grammar- Page 23.
Drawing - Ganesh chaturthi

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Do page 40.
Grammar- Do page 24.
Books- Grammar, D.D.
Nbooks- Maths , English 2 (for absentees)

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation
Maths- Expanded form
Tulip- Page 50,51
Grammar- Page 20,22

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 21.
Ev.S.- Revise L-8 for test tomorrow.
Books- Tulip, Grammar, Vyakran
Nbooks- Hindi 1 , Ev.s.,Drawing


Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd Rachna (o ki matra)
Ev.S- L-9 Fill Ups
M.M.-  Page 38
Tulip- Reading of L- 10
Art- Colouring in hen and chicks

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-10 & do page 40
Books- English Grammar, Computer, Tulip
Nbooks- Maths, Eng 1 (column)
Note-  Ev.S-Test of L--8 on 13-9-18

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- L-9
Computer- lab period
Maths- Short Form
English- L-8 fill ups

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Read L- 9 & do page 24
G.K.- Do ch- 36.
Books- vyakran, M.M.,  Tulip
Notebooks- Ev.S,Hindi (Column)
Note- English Dictation of L-8 will be on 12-9-18