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Today's C.W.
English- L- 10 Camping out( frame sentences)
Ev.S.- L-11 (parts of a plant)
D.D.- Page 28
Vyakaran- Page43
M.M.- Ex 47

Today's H.W.

English- Frame Sentences in notebook.
Vyakaran- Do pages 44,45
Book- Cursive
Nbooks- English 2,Three-in -one(with blue cover)
Note- English calligraphy competition on 22-9-18.(Saturday)

Today's C.W.
Hindi - oo ki matra ki shabd rachna
Maths  - Subtraction double digit
Grammar - Pages 17, 18.
Ev.S - Reading of L -11

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Do page -65
N.Book - Ev.S.
Books - Vyakran, M.M.,D.Drops

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 11 Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. (Fill Ups)
J.Maths - Pages - 34, 63 and Introduction of shapes
Vyakran - OO ki matra pages - 41, 42.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Complete page - 42.
J.Maths - Do pages - 64, 75.
Books - Grammar, Ev.S, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi 1 , Maths
Note - Bring green vegetable in Lunch tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Subtraction Double digit
Hindi- Auu ki matra ka parichay
Palaash- Page 33
Vyakran pages 94
Ev.s.- Pages31,32,33
G.K- Page51

Today's H.W.
Palaash- Read page 33 and do page 34.
Vyakaran- Complete page95
Books- J.Maths,Computer, Vyakran
Nbooks- English- 2, Ev.S.


Today's C.W.
Card -Making for grandparents
Cursive- Page 33
Practice notebook(three-in -one)- English Writing
aau ki matra ka parichay

Today's H.W.
Paste the pictures related to wh sound words & flags of India's neighbouring countries in activity file.
Books- Vyakaran, G.K, Palaash, Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi (1)(With Column)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Word problem subtraction(single -digit)
English - Frame sentences L-10
English Grammar- pages 32,33
J.Maths- Page 98

Today's H.W.
Eng - Make sentences in n.book.
Maths - Do word problem in n.book
Book - Cursive
Note -  Bring A-4 size white sheet tomorrow for card making(grandparents) and bring material accordingly.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye aur matra magaiye
Ev.s.- Test of L-8
J.Maths- Pages 30,98
Grammar- Page 23.& 24
Drawing - Ganesh chaturthi Picture

Today's H.W.
Drawing- Fill colours in ganesha
J.Maths- Do Page 100
Books- Grammar,  J.Maths, G.K
Nbooks- Maths , English 2

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation
Maths- Expanded form
Hindi- Vakya Banao(0 ki matra)
Tulip- Pages 51,52
Grammar- Pages 20,21,22

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Complete Page 52
Ev.S.- Revise L-8 for test tomorrow.
Books- J.Maths, Grammar, Art
Nbooks- Hindi 1 , Ev.S,Drawing


Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd Rachna (o ki matra)
Ev.S- L-9 Fill Ups
G.K- Page37
Tulip- Reading of L- 10

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-10 & learn spellings from L-8 for dictation.
Books- English Grammar, Vyakaran, Tulip
Note-1)  Ev.S-Test of L--8 on 13-9-18
         2)Science Kit- Bring Winter Season cut outs from season &clothes tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- L-9
Vyakaran- Page 40
Computer- Page 55
Mental Maths- Exercise- 29
Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan- L-5
Maths- Short Form
English- L-8 fill ups

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Read L- 9 & do page 24
Vyakaran- Do Page 39
Books- Ev.S, g.k, Tulip
Notebooks- Ev.S,Hindi (1)
Note- English Dictation of L-8 will be on 12-9-18


Today's C.W.
Hindi- O ki matra ka parichay
Ev.S- L-8 (Matching)
Vyakaran- Page38
Dew Drops- Pages 24,25
Mental Maths- Page 24
Science Kit- Rainy Season

Today's H.W.
Science Explorer- Do Pages 5,6,10,11,12
Art- Do Page 37
Mental Maths- Do page 25
Books- Vyakaran, Computer, Mental Maths,Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan
Notebooks- Maths,English(Without Column)


Today's C.W.
Maths- Place value
English - Frame sentences L-8
Palaash- Page 32
Drawing- Teachers Day Picture.
Tulip- Page 41

Today's H.W.
English- Do frame sentences in notebook.
Drawing- Fill Colours
Tulip- Complete Page 41
Books- Vyakran, D.D., M.M
Nbooks- Ev.S. Hindi (with column)
Bring Science Kit (seasons&clothes (Rainy Season0

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Rango ke naam
Ev.S.- L-8 Fun with colours
J.Maths- Page 96
Tulip- Page 38,39
Computer - Pages 38,39
Drawing- Teachers' Day

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Fill colours
Tulip- Read L-8 and do page 41.
Ev.S- Do Page 22
Books- Palaash,Tulip, Art
Notebooks- Maths,English (Without Column)(for absentees)
Note- Kindly check site for september planner.

Today's C.W.
Tulip- L-8 Reading
Ev.S.-Fun with colours intro and reading
G.K.- Ch-2
English-Sound 'wh'
Maths- Counting 150-200.

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-8
J.Maths- Do page 95
Books- Tulip, Computer,J.Maths
Notebooks- Hindi, Ev.s.,Drawing
Note- Brting english and hindi sentence notebook(without column) tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Janmashtmi function
Hindi- Shrutlekh

Today's H.W.
M.M- Do Page 23
Art-Do Page 21
Books- Tulips, EvS. , G.K.
Nbooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation of L-13

Today's H.W.
Hindi -Do Pracice of a & ae ki matra for shrutlekh
Book- Cursive
Note- Do reading practice daily for English &Hindi

Today's C.W.
English- Vegetables name
Maths- Word problem addition.
Drawing- Flute and matki
Science Kit- Season & clothes(summer)

Today's H.W.
English- Revise for dictation( L- 13)& Draw and colour the vegetables
Maths- Do word Problem assition in notebook.
Books- Tulip, Activity file
Nbooks- English, Hindi
Note- 1.Bring decorative material (stone stickers, mirrors, stars), fevicol and cotton tomorrow for activity.
2. Bring garland tomorrow.
3.Hindi Shrutlekh will be now on 1-9-18
Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Test of Festivals
Hindi- Shrutlekh

Today's H.W.
English Grammar-Learn one &many
Tulip- Read L-13
English - Dictation of l-13 on 31-8-18
Book-., Cursive
Nbooks- Eng(for absentees), Maths
Sc.Kit- Bring season & clothes tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Lesson -13  Fill ups (A Rainy Day)
Maths- Test of Addition &Subtraction
Computer Lab

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Learn festivals with spellings.
Hindi- Shrutlekh of u,oo ki matra tomorrow.
Books- M.M.,Cursive, Tulip
Notebooks- Ev.S, Hindi
Note- 1)Bring one  pastel sheet of any colour tomorrow.
          2)Shrutlekh of a &ae ki matra on 31-8-18

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L - 13 (Meals of the day.)
Hindi - Vachan badaliye
Cursive - page - 32
Science kit- Home and around (Bath room and bed room)

Today's H.W.

Maths - Revise for the test of subtraction (single digit) and addition (double digit) tomorrow.
Cursive- Complete Page 32
Books- Cursive
N.Books - Eng, Maths,
NOTE - Test of Festivals on 29-8-18
             Bring one three-in-one notebook tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Games- Caterpillar race
Science kit- Home and around (Living roon and Kitchen)
English- Cursive writing practice .

Today's H.W.
English - Do Practice of correct formations of letters.
Hindi- Dictation of u and uu ki matra on 29-8-18
Maths- Test of subtraction (single digit) and addition (double digit) on 28-8-18.
Books- Cursive,Science Kit(Bathroom,Bedroom)
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 A Rainy Day(Frame Sentences)
Maths- Expanded &Short Form
Computer- Pages 34 to 37
Hindi Reading Test

Today`s HW
G.K- Do Chapter 16
Science Kit- Bring home &around(Kitchen&Living room)
Books- Art, Activity File
Bring Rakhi Material Tomorrow For The Activity

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 Word  Bank
Ev.S- A Few Things I Need(Seasons &Clothes)
J.Maths- Page 22
Mental Maths- Page 41
Drawing- Raksha Bandhan Scene
Computer- Pages 30,31,32,33

Today`s HW
Mental Maths- Complete Page 41
J.Maths- Do Page 56
Books- G.K, Palaash, j.maths, Computer(for absentees)
Notebooks- English, Maths

Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan(Do vyapari)

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 47.
Ev.S.- Read L-16
Books- Tulip,Vyakaran
N.book- Hindi
Note-  English reading test of L-4&6 is on 17-8-18

Today's C.W.
Hindi - ae ki matra ka parichay
Grammar - Describing words Page- 43&page 53
Vyakaran- Pages 34,35
G.K- Page23
Independence day activity

Today's H.W.
Grammar - Do page 54
Vyakran - Do page - 36.
Palaash- Page 31
Books - Rangmanch, Grammar,Ev.s
N.Books - Eng, Maths,
Note- Tomorrow Is Holiday(Second Saturday)

Today's C.W.
school visit
Eng - L -6 Frame sentences.
Maths - Addition (Double Digit)
Ev.S- L- 15 Matching
Palaash- ae ki matra (Pages 29,30)

Today's H.W.
Palaash - Read Pages - 28, 29
Art- Page 14
N.Book - Hindi
Books - Grammar, Vyakran, G.K,
NOTE - Bring fevistick tomorrow for Independence Day Activity

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya banaiye(ae ki matra)
Vyakaran- Page 33
Computer - L-3(intro)

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Do page 32
J.Maths- Do page 57
Books- Palash,
NBooks- English, Maths, Ev.S.
Note-1) Bring one cutout of kite on white sheet and orange and green glaze paper tomorrow for activity.
         2) Kindly check the head monthly planner for August Planner

Today`s C.W
English grammar- Pages 51,52
English- L-6 Word Bank
Maths- Subtraction(number line)
J.Maths- Pages 31,48
Mental Maths- Page 19

Today`s H.W
J.Maths- Do Page 28
Tulip-Read L-6
English Grammar- Read page 51
Books- J.Maths, Vyakaran
Notebook- Hindi
note- Tomorrow is English Narration Story

Today"s C.W.
Ev.S.- L-15 True/ False
Hindi - Shabd rachna(a ki matra)
M.M.- Page 15
G.K- pages20,21
J.Maths- Pages 24,25

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Learn myself with spellings
M.M.- DO page 18
G.K- Do ch..14
Books- JMaths, Grammar,M.M.
NBooks- English, Maths
Note- 1. Do reading practice daily.
2. Bring 1 3 in 1 rough notebook daily.

Today"s C.W.
English- Sound 'll', Cursive Capital &small letters a to h.
Science KIt- Home &Around
Cursive- Page 21
Frienship Day Celebration

Today's HW.
Computer- Revise assessment syllabus
English- Do practice of cursive capital &small letters a to h in notebook.
Books- J.Maths, Mental Maths,G.K
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today"s C.W.
Hindi Worksheet
Eng - Sound - "oo"
Ev.S - L- 15 (People in my school)
Eng - L - 6 (Pages 30,31

Today"s H.W.
M.M-Do page 10
G.K - Do Chapter18
Books - Cursive, J.Maths,Tulip
N.Book - Eng
NOTE-* Bring Home and Around from science kit
           *  Bring  snacks & friendship band tomorro

Today's C.W.
English- Sound ee
Maths- Expanded Form
J.Maths- Page 24
Tulip- L-6(Reading)
Drawing- Indian Flag
Vyakaran- Pages 30,31

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise syllabus for assessment
Books- G.K, Tulip,Mental Maths
Notebooks-- English, Ev.S
Note- English story narration competition will be on 8-8-18(Wednesday)

Today's C.W.
Maths Worksheet
Ev.S- l-15 (Rooms in my school)
Hindi- a ka parichay
Ev.s.-  L-15 Back excercise
Mental Maths- Ex.12
J.Maths- Page 31(short form)
Computer- Revision

TOday's H.W.
M.M.- Do page 17
J.Maths- Do page 52
Books- Vyakran, M.M,Computer, Tulip
Notebooks- English, Maths Drawing

Today's C.W.
Maths - Short Form
Eng - Jumbled Sentences
Hindi - Palaash - Page - 28 ' a' ki matra
Rangmanch ki kahaniya - Path - 3 Shert aur khargosh
G.K- chapter 44,47
English Grammar- Page 37

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise for Assessment
Eng - Do jumbled sentences in n.book
Books - J.Maths, Ev.S , M.M
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
English Worksheet
Hindi- Vakya Banao(uu)
Maths- Place Value
Ev.S.- Intro of L- 15

Today's H.W.
JMAths- Do page 52.
G.K.- Do ch- 30
M.M.- Do page 21.
Books- Palaash, English Gr, Rangmanch ki kahaniyan,G.K
Nbooks- Eng, Maths

Ev.S - Worksheet.
Eng - One and Many (es)
Hindi - Shabd Rachna (uu ki matra)
J.Maths - Pages - 49, 50.

Today's  H.W.
Eng - Revise For Assessment.
Books - Ev.S, J.Maths
N.Books - Hindi, Maths.
Note - Carry Access Card for P.T.M. 

Today's C.W.
Maths - Subtraction
Ev.S - Festivals (Name the festival)

English Grammar- Page 36
Art- Page 23
Gk- Pages 30,31,47

Today's  H.W.
Ev.S - Revise for the Assessment.
Ev.S - Paste pictures of Festivals in n.book.
N.Books - Hindi, Eng
Books - Grammar, J.Maths


Today's C.W.
G.K Worksheet.
Vyakaran - Page29
Maths- Subtraction (vertical method) in notebook.
English- One and many in notebook.
Cursive - Page 18

Today's  H.W.
Books- Grammar,G.K., Art
Notebooks- Maths,Ev.s
Note- Check assessment syllabus on site.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Festivals- National and Religious
Hindi - Revision of ee and ginti
Grammar- Pages 34, 35

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Revise for worksheet
Books-  Cursive,English Grammar
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Addition.
English - Creative writing - Rainbow
J.Maths- Pages 46,47
Mental Maths- Page 30

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise ee ki matra and ginti
Books- Grammar,Computer,Vyakaran
Nbooks- HIndi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of Creative Writing (My Family)
G.K- oral  Revision
Science Kit - Finger Family (story dramatisation)

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise addition (vertical,number line)
Books- J.Maths, Mental Maths, G.K
Notebooks- Maths, English
Note- kindly check the Revision sheet of Computer & G.K on the site tomorrow.

Maths - Revision of Before, After and in Between.
Eng - L -5 Colours (Rhyming words)
Vyakran - Pages - 27,28
Drawing- Ship from number 1

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise Creative Writing (My Family)
G.K - Revise - Chapters  1,10,20, 21, 31
Note - Bring Family Puppet from Science Kit
Books - G.K., Vyakaran,English Grammar
N.Book - English
Note - Bring finnger puppet(family) from science kit tomorrow.
         2) Bring swimming costume, towel, one pair of inner garments in a labelled polybag tomorrow for pool party.

Today's C.W.
EV.S.- L-4 A family (big family)
Hindi- Badi ee ki matra revision
Jmaths- Pages- 20,21
Tulip- Pages  25,26

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise before after, between.
Tulip- Page 27
Books- Jmaths, Vyakran, Tulip
Nbooks- English, Maths,Drawing
Note- Check site for yearly syllabus.

Today's C.W.
Eng - Revision of Alphabetical order and dictation of L -2.
Maths - Subtraction (Pictorial method)
Vyakran - Pages - 25,26.
J.Maths - Pages - 18 and 19.
Computer - Pages - 21, 22, 23.
Drawing - Rainy Season
Ev.S - Page - 18.

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise 'ee' ki matra.
Computer - Complete page 21 and 23.
Books - Tulip, Computer, Dew Drops, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of L-17
Hindi- U ki matra parichay
Computer- Pages 17,18,19
Art- Page 9
Tulip- Intro of L-5

Today's H.W.
English- Learn word bank of L-2 for dictation and revise alphabetical order.
Books- Ev.S,J.Maths,Vyakaran
Notebooks- English, Maths ,Drawing

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of L-3 & naming words.
Maths - Revision of Ascending order and descending order
Palaash- Pages 24 & 25
Ev.S.- Intro of L-5 Growing up
G.K- Page41

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.-  Revise L-17
Books- Tulip, Mental Maths. , G.K .,Art (rock n roll)
Notebooks- Ev.S., Hindi

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of L-2, 3
Maths- Table of 2
Palash- bade uu ki matra ka parichay
Vyakaran- Pages 74,75
Palash - Page -24.

Today's H.W.
English- Revise L-3 and naming words
Maths- Revise descending and ascending order
Grammar- Do pages  30,31
Jmaths- Do pages 54,55
Books-  Ev.S.,Palaash,,G.K
Nbooks- English, Maths
Note- 1. Tomorrow is a holiday.
2. Tomorrow's revision is postponed to 24-7-18.

Today's C.W.
Eng - Revision of L - 1, Articles (a, an), fruits name.
Ev.S - L - 4 A Family (Types Of Family)
Grammar - Pages 28,  29.
M.Maths - Exercise - 15.
Drawing - Making of envelope with news paper.Paste it in activity file.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Revise L- 2 and 3.
Books - Palash, Vyakran.,Computer
N.Books - Ev.S, Maths.

Today's CW
Hindi - Revision of 'aa' ki matra.
Eng -  Naming words.
G.K - Chapter - 20.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise L - 1, Articles (a, an), fruits name
Eng - Paste Pictures of Naming Words in n.book.
N.Books - Ev.S, Eng,
Books - Eng(G), M.Maths.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Number names, comparing numbers and missing numbers
Hindi- Chitr Pehchaniye Matra Lagaiye
J.Maths- Page 35
English Grammar- Pages 25,26,27

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise AA ki matra
Books- English Grammar, G.K
Notebooks- English,Hindi
NOTE- Kindly check the assessment schedule & July Planner in the heads 1st  assessment schedule & July  Monthly Planner.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S. - Revision of L-1
Maths- Ordinal NUmbers
Mental maths- Pages 14
Ev.S.- Intro of L-4
Art- Page 6

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise Number names, comparing numbers and missing numbers
Books- J.maths, Grammar, Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 17 Healthy Habits (True/ False)
Hindi - U ki matra Ki shabd rachna
M.Maths - Page - 10
Science Kit - Nutritional Planner.
G.K - Chapter - 9. 

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Revise L - 1 for revision on 9-7-18
G.K - Chapter - 6.
Books  - Ev.S, Art, M.Maths
N.Books - Maths, Ev.S 
NOTE - Check Recapitulation schedule and assessment syllabus from the website.

Today's C.W.
English- L-4 Frame sentences
Maths- Addition
Vyakran- u ki matra pg 23.
Dew drops- Page- 13,14

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Complete page 24.
Dew drops- Do page 15.
Books- G.K., Mental maths
Nbooks- Ev.s.
Note- Bring nutrition planner from science kit.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Addition on number line
English - L-4 Word bank
Vyakran- Page 22
Ev.S. - Page 62

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 15
Tulip- Read l-4
Books- Jmaths, , Computer
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Ginti 1-10
Ev.S- L-17 Healthy Habits
Tulip- Pages 21,22
Palash- Page 23

Today's H.W
Tulip- Pages 19,20,21
Palash- Read Page 23
Books- Tulip, Ev.S,Vyakaran
Notebooks- English, Maths
 Note- Bring Scale tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Tulip- Reading of pages 19,20
Ev.S- Reading of L-17
English- Colours Name
Maths- Picture Addition
Computer- Review of L-1

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do pages- 12,13
Ev.s-Read L-17
Books- Palash,Tulip
Notebooks- Hindi, Ev.S

Today's C.W.
English- L-3 fill ups
Hindi- Vakya banaiye ee kia matra

Today's H.W.

1.Check  the school site for holidays  homework in the head `Holidays homework.`
2. Holidays are from 14-5-18 to 1-7-18.
3. School will reopen on 2-7-18
4. Bring following  books &notebooks on 2-7-18:
Books- Tulip, Ev.S
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye matra lagaiye (ee ki matra)
Maths- Descending order

Today's H.W.
English-Read lesson-3.
Books- Cursive, Activity file,Mental Maths
Nbooks- English, Hindi
Note- 1. Bring activity material tomorrow. for Mother`s Day Activity.
2. Bring your favourite snacks with Frooty tomorrow for the party.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- ee ki matra shabd rachna
Ev.S.- Test of parts of my body
Cursive - Page 6 &16

Today's H.W.
Dewdrops- Do pages 10,11
Computer- Do Pages 15 &16 (project)
Books- Dewdrops,Cursive, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi, Maths
Note- Bring sprouts tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Badi ee ki matra ka parichay
Vyakaran - Page 21
Maths- Ascending order
Dew Drops- Pages 8 & 9
Mental Maths- Page 7

Today's H.W.
Mental Maths- Do page-6
Ev.S - Learn spellings of parts of body.
Books- Mental Maths,Cursive,Computer
Note Books - Hindi, Ev.S
Note- * Bring Cookies Tomorrow.
Bring one square shape pastel sheet (9cm sides), 3 D Flowers, 1 ribbon bow on Saturday(12/5/18)

Today's C.W.
English- L-3 Frame sentences
Hindi- Vakya Baniye( e ki matra)
Palaash-Pages 20,21
Eng grammar- Pages 14,15

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Read page 14 & do page 16.
Palash- Read page 21& do page 22.
Books- Vyakran, DewDrops,English Grammar
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi(for absentees)
Note- Bring salad for party tomorrow.

Today's C.W
Hindi- Shrutlekh
J.Maths- Page 40
Vyakaran- Pages 19,20
Drawing- Mother`s Day Drawing

Today's H.W
J.Maths- Do page 41
Books- English Grammar, J.Maths,palash
Notebooks- English, Hindi
Note-1) Bring corn bhelpuri tomorrow.
        2) Learn parts of body for Ev.S test on 10-5-18

 `                                                                                                                                                                                                                     parts of bod

Today's C.W.
English- L-3 (Word Bank)
Maths- Descending Order
J.Maths- page 39
G.K- page 43

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Complete page 39
Hindi- Prepare for Dictation (aa,e ki matra wale shabd)
          on 7-5-18 (Monday)
Books- J.Maths, Vyakaran
Notebooks- Hindi, Drawing
Note- Bring fruit chat on 7-5-18(Monday)

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- L-3 True or false
Hindi - Chitra pehchaniye e ki matra
Vyakaran- Page 17,18
Computer- Page- 13

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page 16
Computer- Do page 14
Books- Mental.Maths., J.Maths, G.K.
N.books- English, Maths

Today's CW
English- My family (creative writing)
Maths- Ascending order in notebook.
Tulip- Back exercise of lesson-3
J.Maths- Page 37

Today's H.W.
Tulip-  Do page-18.
J.Maths- Complete page 38
Books- Tulip, Vyakaran, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi, Evs.

Today's CW
HIndi- ee ki matra shabd rachna
Ev.S.- L-3  more about my body(Answer in one word.)
Tulip- L-3 tilu talks (reading)
Dew Drops- Pages 8  and 9

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-3
J.Maths- Do page 11.
Books- Tulip, J.Maths
Nbooks- English, Math

Today's C.W.
 Presentation  on   Swach Bharat 
Rangmanch ki kahaniya - Story 2
Origami - Hut
Vyakran - Pages 14,15
Computer- Pages 9 & 10
Cursive- Pages 12 & 13

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Complete page 15 .
Computer - Do  pages 11 & 12
Cursive- Do pages 11 &12
Books - Tulip, J.Maths
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Computer- Pages 5,6,7 & 8
Cursive- Pages 10,11
Dew Drops- Pages 6 & 7
Maths- Write in Numerals
English- Vowels & Consonants

Today;s H.W.
Dew Drops- Do pages 5 & 6
Books- Vyakaran, Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan,Activity File, Computer
NOTE- Bring 2 origami sheets (any colour) tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Art- Page 25
Mental Maths- Page 5
J.Maths- Page 10

Today;s H.W.
J.Maths- Complete Page 10
Ev.S- Draw sense organs in notebook.
Books- Dew Drops, Computer
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Alphabetical Order
Maths- Put the sign
Palaash- ee ki matra (intro)
G.K.- Page 28

Today;s H.W.
Palaash- Read page 20
Jmaths- Do page 9
Books- JMaths,Mental maths, Art
Notebooks- Ev.s, Hindi

Today's C.W
Hindi- Vakya banaiye (aa ki matra)
J.Maths- Page 8
Vyakaran- Page 12

Today's H.W
J.Maths- Complete page 8
Vyakaran- Complete Page 12
Books- G.K, Palaash
Notebook- Maths

Today's C.W
EvS- Page-10
Maths- What comes in between
English- Lesson-3 Fill ups

Today's H.W
EvS- Do page- 11
Dew Drops- Do pages -3 and 4
Notebooks- EvS,Hindi ,
Note- Bring colours for kids contest.

Today's C.W
Rangmanch ki kahaniyan- L-1
Dew Drops- Page 3
Drawing -Activity on Earth Day
Mental Maths- Page 4

Today's H.W
Mental Maths- Complete Page 4
Cursive- Complete Pages6,7,8
Books- Ev.S,Cursive
Notebooks- English,Maths

Today's C.W
Computer- Page 4
Vyakaran- Page 11
Art (rock n roll)- Page 8
Hindi- Chitr pehchaniye matra lagaiye(aa ki matra)
Maths- Before & After
Ev.S- L-3 (Reading)

Today's H.W
Vyakaran- Do Page 13
Ev.S- Read L- 3
Books- Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan, Cursive,Mental Maths
Notebook- Drawing 

Today's C.W
Ev.S- L-2 (Jumbled Words)
English- L-2 (Frame Sentences)
Maths- Number Names (Dodging)
G.K- page 17

Today's H.W
Tulip- Read L-2
Books- Ev.S, Art, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi, Maths

Today's C.W
Hindi- Shbd Rachna(aa ki matra)
English Grammar- Pages11,12
Mental Maths- Page 3
Drawing- Swacch Bharat

Today's H.W
English Grammar- Do page 13
J.Maths- Do Q2 Of Page 5
Books- Vyakaran, G.K
Notebooks- English, Ev.S, Maths

Today's C.W
Ev.S- Names of the body parts
English- Word Bank of L-2 Bugs play the music
Vyakaran- Page 9

Today's H.W
 Vyakaran- Do page 10
Ev.S- Paste 5 pictures of parts of the body in notebook.
Books- Grammar, Mental Maths
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi, Drawing

Today's C.W
Hindi- aa ki matra ka parichay
Maths- Number Names (dodging )
Tulip- Pages 12 &13
Drawing- Fruit Basket

Today's H.W
Tulip- Do page 14
J.Maths- Do page 6
Books- G.K, Vyakaran
Notebooks- English, Ev.S

Today's C.W
Mental Maths- Page 1
English Grammar- Page 6
G.K- Page 7
English- Fruits` Name in notebook

Today's H.W
English- Draw &colour fruits in notebook.
Mental Maths- Do Page 2
 Grammar- Do page 7
Book- Tulip
Notebooks- Hindi, Maths, Drawing
NOTE- * Fill access card with black pen & send it on Monday positively.
            *  Tomorrow is off on account of Ambedker Jayanti.

Today's C.W.
Tulip- L-2 (Reading)
Cursive- Page 5
Vyakaran- Pages 5 & 7
Hindi- Intro of  all matra

Today's H.W
Tulip- Read page 11
Cursive- Complete page 5
Vyakaran- Do page 6
Books- Grammar, G.K, Mental Maths
Notebook- English

Today's C.W.
Maths- Reverse Counting 100 -51
Palaash- Pages 18 &19
J.Maths-Page 6
Cursive- Pages 3,4

Today's H.W 
J.Maths- Do Q1 on  Page 5
Cursive- Complete Page 4
Books- Tulip, Cursive, Vyakaran
Notebook- Hindi

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya Banaiye (amatrik shabd)
Computer- Pages 1,2,&3
Ev.S- Page5 
English Grammar- Introduction of alphbetical order(page5)

Today's H.W 
English Grammar- Complete page 5
Computer- Read Page 3
Books- Cursive, Palaash, J,Maths
Notebook- Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Rhyming Words Of  L-1 (At The Zoo)
Palaash- Page 18
Ev.S- L-2 (Reading)
Drawing- Baisakhi Scene
Dew Drops- Page 2

Today's H.W 
Palaash- Read Page 18
Ev.S- Read Pages 3 &4
Books- English Grammar, Ev.S, Computer
Notebook- Hindi

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Amatrik shabd.
Activity file - Origami shirt.
Dew Drops - Page - 1.

Today's H.W
J.Maths - Do page - 3.
Eng Grammar - Do page - 4.
Books- Ev.S, Hindi (P).
N.Books - Eng, Drawing.

Today's C.W.
Palaash- pages 16, 17
Tulip- L-1 At the zoo(pages 8,9,)
Maths- Reverse Counting 50-0

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Do  page10
English Grammar- Complete page 3

Books- Activity File
Notebook- Hindi (column)
Note- *Bring 2 origami sheets tomorrow.
         *Tomorrow is working.

Today's C.W.
E.v.S.- Girls and Boys
Palaash- Reading of pages 14, 15
Tulip- L-1 At the zoo(pages 7 &8)
Jmaths- Pages 1& 2

Today's H.W.
Palash- Read pages 14,15
Jmaths- Complete page 2
Books- Palaash, Grammar, Tulip
Nbook- Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Page - 2.
Hindi - Pages - 9, 10, 11.
Eng N.Book - Small Cursive a to z.

Today's H.W.
Hindi (Pallash) - Complete page -11.
Ev.S - Complete page - 2.
Books - J.Maths, Eng (Tulip), Hindi (Pallash).
N.Books - Ev.S.