Note- 1. P.T. M. has now been postponed from 20-3-19 to 28-3-19.
2. SEnd one cut outy of book mark with borders on a light coloured pastel sheet

Today`s C.W
English Oral
English - Practice of  grammar topics in three in one notebook.

Today`s H.W
English- Do practice for worksheet
Books- Cursive, splash, Tulips
Notebook- Three-in-one
Note- Bring one A4 size white sheet, crayons, pencil colours for card making  tomorrow

Today`s C.W
Practice of grammar topics,Picture composition &comprehension
Today`s H.W
English- Revise for orals
notebooks- Three-in -one 
Books- Tulip, Grammar

Today's C.W.
Hindi Oral

Today's H.W 
Books- Computer, Cursive, Art, Tulips
Notebooks- Three in one, Drawing
NOTE- There is no off in february &timings of dispersal is 12:40

Today's C.W
Hindi Revision

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Prepare for oral on 25-2-19.
N.Books - Drawing, 3 in 1.
Books - Cursive, Palash.
Note= On 25th &27-2-19 (in orals) the dispersal  timings will be same i.e.12:40 pm

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision L-20
G.K. Oral assessment

Today's H.W.
Books- Tulip, Cursive.
Nbooks- Hindi- 2, Drawing, Ev.S.
Note-1. On 23-2-19 there will be off for the non- participants.
          2. On 23-2-19 buses & van will be come on same timings (in morning) for picking up the participants.
Today's C.W.
Maths-  revision
G.K - Revision of Ch - 34,35, 36, 45

Today's H.W.
English- Do revision
Books- Cursive, Tulips
Notebook- English 2, Maths
Note- G.K revision which was going to be done  on 23-2-19 , has been done today in the class.
          Now on 21-2-19 G.K Oral assessment will be done.Kindly prepare your ward according to that.

Today's C.W.
English--  Revision
Computer Practical
Maths- sums practice

Today's H.W.
Books- M.M., Art, Cursive, Tulip
Nbooks- Maths, three in one.
NOTE - Bring Sketch pens tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English revision
My Favourite toy
Picture Composition

Today`s H.W
English- Do practice of picture composition & blend words
Books- Tulips, J.Maths, M.Maths
Notebook- English2, Three in one.
Note- Kindly send your ward in complete uniform on Monday (18-2-19)
          for class group photograph.I-Card is compulsory & your ward`s attendance too.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- Revision

Today`s H.W
English- Revise Preposition, Punctuation
Books- M.Maths, Tulips, Palaash
Notebook- English2, three in one

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Revision in notebook.
Cursive- writing practice

Today`s H.W
Ev.S-Do revision of L-19
Books- Cursive, Art, Palaash
Notebook- Ev.S, Three in one
NOTE - Bring sketch pens tomorrow

Today`s  C.W
Maths- Revision

Today`s H.W
Hindi- Do Revision
Books-  Cursive, d.d
Notebook- Hindi2

Today`s  C.W
Eng - Revision of L -15 , Opposites Joining words.

Today`s  H.W
Maths - Revise Time and Measurement.
Books - Pallash, Art, Computer, Cursive
N.Books - Maths, Drawing.

Today`s  C.W
Ev.S- revision
Dictation in hindi

Today`s H.W
English- Do Revision
Books- English Grammar, Computer, Cursive , 
Notebooks- English2
           FOR REVISION
                                   13-2-19 - Maths -- Time and Measurement.
                                   14 - 2-19 - Hindi - R ke roop pashu pakshiyo ki boliyan and ling.
                                   15 - 2 - 19 Ev.S - L - 19 Being Safe
                                   16 -2 -19 Eng - Preposition and Punctuation.

Today's .C.W.
Maths- Revision of tables, Patterns, calendar
Cursive- Writing practice.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Revise L - 13, 14.
Books- Grammar, J.Maths, Cursive.
Nbooks- Ev.S, Hindi -1
 NOTE - Kindly check the Assessment dates under head Assessment schedule.

Eng - Revision
G.K - 35, 45, 52.
Tulip - Pages - 77, 78.
Vyalran - Pages - 111, 112.

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise Tables of 4, 5, 10, Patterns, Calendar.
Hindi - Revise L -16 and 20 for dictation on Monday.
Books - Grammar, M.Maths, Cursive.
N.Books - Maths.
NOTE - P.T.M on Saturday timings are 8 A.M to 11 A.M.
              Kindly adhere the timings.

Today's CW.
Ev.S- RevisIon Of L-10
Grammar - Page - 92.
Vyakran - ,Pages - 109, 110.
Computer Lab

Today's H.W.
English Do  Revision
Books- Computer, Vyakran, Tulip, G.K
Notebook- English 2, Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Revision Of L-16,19
Grammar - Pages - 90, 91.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Revise l-10
Books- Vyakran, Grammar, M.Maths
Notebook- Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shrutlekh
Maths- Revision of money
J.Maths- Page 7
English Grammar- Pages 88,89.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise L;- 16,19
Books- English Grammar, Vyakaran, J.Maths
Notebook- Hindi2

Today's C.W.
Hindi sulekh
Hindi- Recap of L - Dosti
Cusrive- Writing practice.
G.K - Oral revision of Ch. - 3, 4, 5, 22, 32.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Learn spellings of l-16,19 for dictation on 4-2-19.
Maths- Revise word problem of money.
Books-Grammar, J.Maths, Dew Drops
NBooks- Hindi-1 , Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Dictatin of L-16.
English- Recapitulation of the clever crow and mice are nice
Maths- Patterns
Dew Drops - Pages - 60, 61, 63

Today's H.W.
Note- Revise for tomorrow's recap.
Dew Drops - Do page - 62.
Hindi -Prepare for writing competition tomorrow.
Boks- Cursive, Sci Ex, Grammar, Tulip.
NBooks- Hindi-2

Today's C.W.
Hindi - chitr varnan.
Ev.S - L - 20 choose the correct option.
Vyakran - Pages - 101, 102, 105, 107, 108.
Drawing - Draw Dream land.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise difficult words of L - 16 for Dictation tomorrow.
Drawing - colour dream land.
N.Books - Eng - 1, Maths, Drawing
Books - Vyakran, Grammar, Dew Drops.

Today's C.W.
English- Comprehension
Maths- Patterns
M.Maths - Page - 43.
Vyakran- Page -100
Grammar - Pages - 60, 61, 62, 74.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Do page -104.
Books- Grammar, Vyakran, J.Maths.
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi-2
Note- Check site for recapitulation schedule.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - L - 20 Sahi Aur Galat.
Ev.S - Draw Traffic light and label it
Interaction on First Aid box
Grammar - Adverbs.

Today's H.W.
Computer - Do Q -2 on page 50.
Books - Grammar, Computer, M.Maths, Vyakran.
N.Books - Eng 2, Maths.
Hindi - Writing Competition on 2-2 19 Saturday.
Note Check Computer Revision sheet on site.

Today's C.W.
English- Visit to a zoo.(C.R.)
Maths- Write in multiplication form.
Dew Drops- Pages 54, 55
Vyakaran- Pages 96
Grammar - Page - 73.

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops- Do page 59.
Eng - Revise difficult words of L - 16 for dictation on 1-2-19.
Books- English Grammar, J.Maths, Vyakaran, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi2, Ev.S
Note Bring one recent passport size photo
NOTE - Bring First aid box tomorrow.
Today's C.W.
Hindi- Mera  priye khel
Ev.S.- Being safe on the road Fill ups.

Today's H.W.
Art - Do page - 29.
Vyakran - Do page - 106.
Books- Grammar, Vyakran, D.Drops
NBooks- English-2 , Maths
Note- Bring one passport size recent  photo on Monday.
          Bring First aid box on Tuesday.

Today's C.W.
Eng - Comprehention.
Maths - Multiplication.
Dew Drops - Pages - 52, 53, 54.
Vyakran - Pages - 84, 85, 86.
Activity - Try colour butterfly.

Today's H.W. 
Activity file - Paste try colour butterfly.
Grammar - Learn opposites.
Books - Grammar, Vyakran, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi 2, Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Hindi - L - 20 shabdarth aur vakya
Ev.S - L - 20 Safety Rules.
G.K - Pages - 35, 36, 37, 46.
J.Maths - Pages - 92, 93, 94.

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops - Learn rhyme on page -51.
N.Books - Eng 2, Maths
Books - Grammar, Vyakran, Dew Drops.
NOTE - Bring 3 origami sheets(orange, white and green),
              white cut of butterfly inner body (without wings), stone stickers and fevicol tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Frame Sentences of L-16
Maths- Multiplication
M.Maths - Page - 27.
English Grammar- Page 85, 86, 87.
Today's H.W.
Grammar - Complete page - 87
Books-Palaash, Computer, G.K, J.Maths.
Notebooks- Hindi2, Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- L-19 Being safe  (True / False)
Hindi- L-19 Cheeti ki jhapki (Rikt sthan bharo)
Palash - L-20 Lalchi lomdi intro
J.Maths - Pages -  81, 82, 84, 85.

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Do pages - 90, 91.
Palash- Read L-20.
books- Grammar, Computer, Mental maths.
Nbooks - English-2, Maths

Today's C.W.
Sci Kit - Butterfly Calander
Sci Explorer
Dew Drops L - 5 Pages - 50, 51.
Rangmanch - Story jaise ko taisa

Today's H.W.
Maths - Do bindi pasting for addition of 3 digits in n.book
Books - Palaash, Ev.S, J.Maths, Grammar
N.Books - Hindi 2, Ev.S
Grammar - Learn ane amd many and genders (L - 3,4)

Today's C.W.
Eng - Creative writing on Republic day.
Maths - Table of 10
G.K - Chapters - 22, 23, 24, 45.
Ev.S - Reading of L - 20.
Art - Page - 33.

Today's H.W.
Sci Kit - Bring butterfly calendar
Books - Cursive, Rangmanch, Dew Drops, Sci Explorer
NOTE - Check January planner on site.
             Make your own first aid kit box.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Being safe fill ups.
HIndi- Chinti ki jhapki vakya banao
M.M.- Page 13, 26
Tulip-77, 76.
Grammar- Page 72.

Today's H.W.
M.M.-Do page 31.
Books- Jmaths, Ev.S., Art, G.K
NBooks- English- 2, Maths
NOTE - Check January planner on site.

Tofay's C.W.

English- Punctuation
Maths- Table of 5.
Tulip- Kuttu's dream
Jmaths- Patterns
Computer- L- using a mouse

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 89.
Tulip- Read L-16
Books- Tulip, M.M., Grammar
NBooks- HIndi-2, Ev.S, Drawing

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- L-19 Being Safe (reading)
Palaash- Back Exercise of L- 19
English Grammar- Pages 72
Hindi- Mera Priy Phal(C.R)
Ev.S- L-19 safety rules

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Read Lesson -19 & draw pictures related to the classwork.
Books- Tulip, Computer, Rangmanch ki kahaniya, J.Maths
Notebooks- Maths, English 2
NOTE- 1. Vaccination date is 25-1-19
            2. Check the assessment syllabus in the head 'Assessment Syllabus'

Today's C.W.
Palaash - L -19 chitti ki jhapki
Grammar - Use of 'But' Page - 72.
Maths - Addition with 3 digits
Eng - Punctuation.

Today's H.W.
Palaash - Read L - 19.
Books - Ev.S, Vyakran, Computer.
N.Books - Ev.S, Hindi -2
NOTE - Check Assessment syllabus for sites.
Vaccination date is 25.1.19.

Today's C.W.
Sci Kit - Day and Night Activity.
New Year Activity.
Market Scenario

Today's H.W.
Activity File - Paste cutout of Hand
Books - Palaash, Grammar
N.Books  - Eng - 2, Maths
Note- Revise December syllabus.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra varnan
Ev.S.- Revision of Days of the week
Grammar- Page 84.
D.D.- Page 45.

Today's H.W.
Note- 1.Bring day and night from science kit.
2. Bring One artificial currency note and any toy.
3. Bring cut outs of both your hands on light colour pastel sheet tomorrow.
Books- science exp, cursive

Today's C.W.
Ev.s.- Revision of L - 12
Maths - Measurement
Jmaths- Page 77,78
Grammar- Page 82

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Do page - 79.
Ev.S.- Revise days of the week
Books- Jmaths, Grammar, Dew Drops
N.books- Ev.S., Hindi-2

Today's C.W.
English-  Creative writing on Christmas.
Hindi -  Rachnatmak kaushal on jungle ka raja sher.
J.Maths- Page-116
Computer practical

Today's H.W.
N.Books- Maths,Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Maths- Dodging tables 3 and 4
Christmas CElebration

Today's H.W.
Drawing- DRaw and colour christmas scene
Ev.S.- Revise L-12
Books- GRammar, Jmaths
Nbooks- HIndi-2, Ev.S, English- 2

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of lesson 10
Hindi-Shutrlakh of lesson-18
Oral revision of tables

Today's H.W.
D.D.- Do page- 44
Maths - Learn tables of 3 and 4 for test.
Science Explorer - Do q1.1 and 2 of chapter-7
Books- J.Maths,Grammar
N.Books- English-2, Maths,Drawing
NOTE- 21-12-18 AND 22-12-18 WILL BE OFF.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Measurement
English- Picture composition
J.Maths - pages 114, 115
Vyakaran- Rachnatmak abhivayakti page -97

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Revise for test.
Hindi- Revise for Shrutlekh
Books- Grammar, Jmaths, Dew Drops
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi- 1

Today's C.W.
Hindi - L -18 shabd arth and vakya.
Ev.S - L - 14 Months of the year
Christmas Activity
Dew Drops - Page -39
Grammar - Page - 81

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops - Do page - 42.
Books - J.Maths, Vyakran, Computer
N.Books - Maths, Eng - 2

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Reading of L - 14
Eng - L - 15 Frame sentences
Maths - Money Word Problem
Grammar - pages - 79, 80, 83

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Read L - 14 and do page - 44.
N.Books - Hindi - 2, Ev.S
Books - Dew Drops, Computer, Grammar
NOTE -1. Bring Christmas Activity material tomorrow.
             2. Hindi dictation of L - 18 on 20.12.18
             3. Ev.S L -10 Revision of Birds and Insects on 20.12.18.
             4. Worksheets has been given today kindly send it tomorrow with parent signature.

Today's C.W.
J.maths- Page 71, 72
Ev.S- ch- 13 with back exercise
Hindi- Mera Priy Mitr (creative writing)
Ev.S- l-13 (Fill Ups)
Art - Page - 16

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do coins shading with pencil in notebook.
Art - page - 31.
Books- English Grammar, D.D, Ev.S
notebooks- English2, Maths
Note -1. Tomorrow is P.T.M Timings - 9 A.M to 12 P.M
          2. Bring 1 birthday cap of green colour, decoration material,
              colourful cotton balls and fevicol for Christmas tree making activity on Tuesday (18.12.18)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Word problem (Money)
English- Word building of lesson- 15
Vyakran - Pages - 82, 83
Grammar - Pages - 75, 76, 77

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Read L -18
Books- Ev.S, J.Maths, Art
Notebooks- Ev.S, Hindi - 2

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.-Revision of lesson -10
Hindi- C.R. (Mera Parivaar)
Dew Drops page - 43.

Today's H.W.
Palaash - Do page -68.
Book- Tulip, grammar, vyakaran

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation
M,aths- Word problem money
Palash- L-18
M.M.- Page 49

Today's H.W.
Ev.s.- Revise L-10 (only animals)
Books- Computer, Grammar, D.D
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi- 2

Today’s C.W.
Hindi- shrutlekh
Ev.s.- Fillups of parts of the day
Science explorer- Ch-4
Tulip-ch. 15 with back ex. 

Today’s H.W.
Sci ex- Do q1 and 2 of ch -4
English- Revise for Dictation (lesson 9) 
Books- palash, M.M.,computer
Nbooks- Eng-1, Maths

Today's C.W.
Origami boat
Sci lab book 
Cursive - Pages 29, 35
Rang match ki kahaniya - sabse aacha kaun.
Outdoor play

Today's H.W.
Activity file - Paste origami boat.
NOTE - 1. Hindi dictation of L- 14 on 10.12.18
              2. Eng dictation of L- 9 on 11.12.18
               3. Ev.S test of L- 10 (only animals) on 12.12.18
               4. Check website for December planner
Sci lab book - Do page 61.
Books - Tulip, J.maths, science lab book
 N.Books - Hindi 1 , Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Maths- MOney Subtraction
English - L-9 Rhyming words
G.K - Exercise - 33, 34,  40.
Drawing - Parts of the day.

Today's H.W.

Books- Science exp, Cursive, Rangmanch ki kahaniya, Dew Drops
Note- Bring two origami sheet tomorrow.
Hindi- Make a family tree in activity file with pictures of family members.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- L-17 (Vakya Banaiye)
Ev.S- L-12 (Q,Ans)
English Grammar- Pages67,68,69
M.M - 45,46

Today.s H.W.
M.Maths- Do page -50 
Books- J.Maths, G.K
Notebooks- English1, Maths, Drawing

Today's C.W.
English- Lesson-9 Frame sentences
Maths- Add the money
Palaash- Reading of lesson-17 and back exercise
Ev.S-Introduction of lesson-12
Maths - Page - 69.

Today.s H.W.
J.Maths - Do page - 70.
Ev.S - Read L - 12.
Books - Grammar, J.Maths, M.M
N.Books - Hindi -2, Ev.S

Today.s C.W.
Movie - The Jungle Book.
Ev.S - L -10 Animals and their homes.
Hindi - L - 17 Reading

Today.s H.W.
Palaash - Read L - 17.
Books - J.Maths, Palaash, Ev.S
N.Books - Eng -2, Maths.

Today.s C.W.
Eng - Describe any animal.
Maths - Introduction of Money.
Eng - L - 9 Reading and back exercise.

Today.s H.W.
Eng - Read L - 9
Maths - Learn table of 4.
Books - Ev.S, Computer
N.Books - Hindi -2, Ev.S

Today.s C.W.
Drawing - Animals, Birds and Insects making through Thumb Printing
Computer - Practical
Cursive - Page - 20
Dew Drops - Pages - 36, 37, 38
Game - What is the time Mr. Wolf

Today.s H.W.
Cursive - Do page - 34.
N.Books - Eng 2, Maths
Books - Tulip, G.K

Today.s C.W.
HIndi- Mera vidyalaya
EV.S.- L-10 Answer in one word
My world- L-7

Today.s H.W.
Books- D.D., Cursive
Nbooks- Drawing

Today's C.W.
English- L-14 Naming Words
Maths- Calendar- Answer in one word

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Do page - 99
Books- Ev.S, Tulip, Drawing
Nbooks- Hindi-2 , Ev.S, Art

NOTE - Dear Parent,
             Kindly send the following folder on Friday positively.
            1) Take one A3 size (border with glitter tape)
                 and fold it i.e give it a look of a folder.
            2) Type on google - " pictures of different
                 states dolls" take the print out of any doll from
                  any state and paste it on the left side of the folder
            3) write about the characteristics of that doll of
                 particular state (like about its costume ..............)
                 on the right side of the folder
            4) On the front side write in bold letters the name of the state
                  like - "DOLL OF PUNJAB" "DOLL OF RAJASTHAN"
            5) Bring fevicol and stone stickers for decoration.

Roday's C.W.
HIndi- L-16 PADOSI KI MADAD (prashn aur uttar)
Ev.S.- L-10 Insects and reptiles
Grammar - Pages - 8, 9
J.Maths - Pages - 57, 87.

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Complete page 57
Books- Tulip, D.D
Nbooks- English-2 , Maths
Maths- Revise for assessment.

NOTE - Dear Parent,
             Kindly send the following folder on Friday positively.
            1) Take one A3 size (border with glitter tape) and fold it i.e give it a look of a folder.
            2) Type on google - " pictures of different states dolls" take the print out of any doll from any state
                 and paste it on the left side of the folder
            3) write about the characteristics of that doll of particular state (like about its costume ..............) on the right side of the folder
            4) On the front side write in bold letters the name of the state like - "DOLL OF PUNJAB" "DOLL OF RAJASTHAN"
            5) Bring fevicol and stone stickers for decoration.

Today's  C.W.
English Worksheet
Eng - L - 14 The Clever Crow (Frame Sentences)
Maths - Table of 4
Computer Practical

Today's H.W.
Books - Grammar, J.Maths, Dew Drops (Palash for absentees)
N.Books - Hindi -2, Ev.S

Today's  C.W.
Ev.S - L -10 Water animals and Birds
Hindi - L -16 shabdarth aur vakya
G.K. - Ch - 7, 27,28
M.Maths - Ex - 39.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise for assessment
Books - Palash, Computer, J.Maths
N.Books - Eng - 2, Maths

Today's  C.W.
Computer Worksheet
Eng - L- 14 The Clever Crow (Back Exercise)
Cursive- Page 16
Drawing- Flower- Pot
Dew Drops - Intro of Project 4

Today's H.W.
English - Revise for assessment
Books- G.K, M.M, Grammar
N.Books.- Hindi2, Ev.S

Today's  C.W.
Maths- Calender
English- Blend words
Palaash- Reading of lesson- 16

Today's H.W.
Computer - Revise for assessment
Books- Tulip, Cursive, Art
N.Books - Drawing

Today's H.W.
Ev.S. Worksheet
Hindi - l-15 vakya and shabdarth
Ev.s.- L-10 wild animals

Today's H.W.
Books- Tulip, art, palash
Nbooks- English-1 , Maths
Hindi- Revise for assessment

Today's C.W.
English- l-12 Rhyming Words
Maths- Days of the week
Mental Maths- Pages 34,35
English Grammar- Opposite
Computer Revision

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Revise for assessment
Books- Computer, G.K, Tulip, Dew Drops
Notebooks- Hindi 2, Maths

Today's C.W.
Science Activity- Animals &Homes
parrot with origami sheet.
g.k worksheet

Today's H.W.
Paste origami parrot in activity file
Ev.S -  Do revision of assessment syllabus
Books- J.Maths, Vyakran, M.m
NotebookS- Eng 1, Maths


Today's C.W.
Hindi - Rachnatmak Kaushal (Kamal)
Ev.S - L - 10 Animals, Birds and Insects (Types of animals)
Maths - Calendar Page - 113.
Grammar - Opposites Pages 63, 64, 65.

Today's H.W.
G.K - Revise for Assessment.
Books - Cursive, Vyakran, Rangmanch Ki kahaniya
Sci Kit - Bring Animals and their shelter (Wild Animals)
NOTE - Bring 2 green origami sheets.

Today's C.W.
English- C.R.- My Best Friend
Maths- TIme
HIndi- Vachan badlo
Ev.S - Reading of L - 10 with back exercise
Computer - L - 6 Back exercise.

Today's H.W.
J.Maths - Do page -112.
Books- Vyakran, J.Maths, Grammar
Nbooks- Ev.s., Hindi-2

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Matching  L -6
Hindi- Ginti shabdo mein
Palash- L-15 Khatt or patt
Vyakran - Page - 69, 70
Ev.S - Intro of L - 10 (Animals, Birds and Insects)
Art - Childrens day (Jawahar Lal Nehru)
Today's H.W.
Palash - Complete page 56
Ev.S - Read L- 10
Books- Jmaths, Ev.S., Computer, Vyakran
N.Books- English-2 , maths
Note- 1. check site for G.K. and computer revision sheet and November planner.
2. Assessment syllabus of computer is L-3 and 5


Today's C.W.
English- Children's Day (creative writing)
Maths- Time
M.Maths - Ch - 34, 35.
G.K - Ex - 3, 4, 5
Vyakaran- Pages 87,88,89,90

Today's H.W.
Art- Do page 38
Vyakaran- Complete page 90
Books- J.Maths, Art, Palash, Ev.S, Vyakran
Notebooks-- Hindi (1), Ev.S

Note- Tomorrow is off on account of chath pooja

Today's C.W.
Ec.S.- REvision of L-11
Hindi- Revision of Vachan badlo , Vipreet shabd
Grammar- Use of and

Today's H.W.
Books - Vyakran, M.Maths, G.K., Computer
N.Books - Eng -2, Maths.
NOTE - Check new revised datesheet of Assessment -2 on the site.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of shapes, expanded and short form
English- Revision of pronouns and creative writing
Jmaths- Introduction of time Pages -= 110, 111
Ev.s.- Intro of L-6  Animal rides

Today's H.W.
Eng - Do practice of Creative writing.
Note- 1. Revise for topics of 5-11-18 revisions
2.  Download revisions of 3-11-18 from the school site under the head 'Revision sheets'
Books- Grammar,Vyakran,J.Maths.
Nbooks- Hindi-1 , Ev.S.

Dear Parent
The school shall remain closed on
 saturday i.e 3-11-18
on account of MUN Event
in the school premises on large scale

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Revision of L - 11, 16
Hindi Revision of dino aur mahino ke naam.
Grammar - Introduction of joining word -and pages 70, 71.

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise Shapes, Expanded and short form.
Eng - Revise Pronouns, Creative writing topics like (My favourite festival, fruit, flower)
Books - Ev.S, J.Maths
N.Books - Maths and Eng-2
NOTE - Fill the performa given yesterday and send it by tomorrow and fill it online as well.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Revision of tables 2 &3 and place value.
Eng - Revision of Sound sp, th and Jumbled sentences.
Tulip - Pages - 59, 60.
Dew Drops - Pages 31, 32, 33.
Computer - Revision of L -

Today's H.W.
Computer - Complete page - 61.
Hindi - Revise Mahino aur dino ke naam.
Ev.S - Revise L - 11 and 16.
Books - Grammar, Vyakran, Computer, J.Maths
N.Books - Ev.S, Hindi -2.
NOTE - Check Datesheet of Assessment 2 on school site, take a printout and paste it in diary.


Today's C.W.
Ev.S- Revision of Transport.
Hindi- Revision of  aau ki matra.
Vyakaran- L-18.
Tulip- L - 12 (Reading)
J.Maths - Page - 66.
Diwali Acivity

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise Tables of 2& 3, place Value
English- Sound sp, th & jumbled sentences.
Books- Tulip, Vyakaran, Dew Drops
Notebooks- English2,Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of this,that,these,those, describing words, sound ch, sh
Maths- Revision of Addition word problem
Palash- R ke roop
Grammar- Blend words

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Revise Transport
Hindi- Revise oo ki matra
Books- Tulip, Computers, JMaths
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi - 2
Note- Bring Diwali acitivity material tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
SCience kit- Wind sock and parachute activity
Origami aeroplane
Community helpers competition
Cursive - Page - 36.

Today's H.W.
Note- paste origami aeroplane in act. file.
          Practice wind sock and parachute .
          Do revisions of english and maths according to the recapitulation schedule.
Books- Palash , Grammar, Dew Drops, Jmaths
Nbooks- English-2 , Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Revision of O ki matra
Ev.S - Revision of Our Helpers.
J.Maths - Page -99
G.K - Revision of Ch - 17, 26 and 41.
Rangmanch - Reading of L - 6 Aapsi Talmel.

Today's H.W.
Book - Cursive.
Note - 1. Prepare for Our Helpers Competition tomorrow.
           2. Bring 2 origami sheets (any colour) tomorrow.
           3. Bring Parachute and wind sock activity from Science Kit.
           4. Bring the following material for Diwali activity on Tuesday.
               one A4 size white pastal sheet, one glitter tape (any colour), fevicol and sketchpens.


Today's C.W.
English- Revision of L-8 &rhyming words of rhyme A rainy day
Maths- Revision of subtraction (borrow)
M.M- Ex.42.
Grammar - Page - 59.
Drawing - Page -5.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise O ki matra
Ev.s- Revise our helpers
G.K- Revise Ch. 17,26 and 41
Books-G.K, J.Maths, Rangmanch.
Nbooks- Hindi2, Ev.S
Note-Bring One glitter sheet of any colour tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
English- Rev of L-7
Maths- REvision of addition with carryover
Rangmanch ki kahaniya - L - 6 aapsi talmel.
Vyakran - Page 67.

Today's H.W.
English- Revise L - 8 and rhyming words of A Rainy Day.
Maths- Revise subtraction borrow
Books- Tulip, M.M, Jmaths, Grammar
Nbooks- English-2, Maths
Note- Prepare your ward for competition on community helpers which will be held on 27th october (saturday).
The students will be judged on the basis of Introduction, Dialogue Delivery, Attire, Prop.
 Kindly prepare your ward accordingly and rental dresses will not be entertained.

Today's C.W.
English- L-11 Frame Sentences
Ev.S- Revision of L-8,9
G.K- Revision of chapter -2, 11, 12
Vyakaran- Pages 65,66

Today's H.W
English- Revise L-7
Maths- Revise Addition (carry over)
Books- J.Maths, Tulip, Vyakaran, Computer
Notebooks- English 2, Maths, Drawing.

Today's C.W.
Special Assembly
Hindi- Sanyuktakshar (shabd rachna)
Maths- Table of 3
Movie - Ramayana

Today's H.W
Maths- Learn table of 2 & 3
Grammar - Do page - 58.
Books- J.maths, Vyakaran, G.K, D.D
Notebooks- English 2, Ev.S

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Transport (Fill Ups)
Eng - L -11 Do not pluck Flower. (Fill Ups)
Palash - L - 14 dwitya vyanjan aur sanyukt vyanjan
J. Maths -Subtraction borrowing Page - 108.

Today's H.W.
Maths - Do practice of subtraction borrowing on page 109.
Palash - Read page - 48.
N.Books - Hindi -1, Maths.
Books - Vyakran, Grammar, J.Maths
Note - Check Recapitulation schedule on school site.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Subtraction (Borrow)
Hindi - Sanyukt Vyanjan
G.K - Ch - 18, 39
vyakran - Pages -62, 63, 64
Dussehra Activity
Games - Hop Race.

Today's H.W.
G.K - Do Ch - 48.
Vyakran  - Complete Page - 56.
N.Books - Eng - 2, Ev.S, Drawing
Books - Palash, Computer, D.D

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Visarg- shabd aarth
Ev.S.- Means of transport
English- Creative writing- Mahatma Gandhi
Tulip- L-11 INtroduction
Palash- L-13 Reading

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read l-11
Palsh- Read l-13
Books- Vyakran, Tulips, G.K
Nbook- Hindi-1, Maths
Note- Bring one cutout of ravana (with crown) on A4 size white sheet, Crayons, Fevicol and decorative material on monday 15-10-18.
          paste the photocopy of 2nd assessment syllabus in diary.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya banao visarg
Maths- Subtraction with borrow
Vyakran- Page 57,58
M.Maths - Ex - 32, 38, 44

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do Ex - 33.
Vyakran - Complete page - 58.
Books- Tulip, Palsh, J.Maths.
Nbooks- English- 2, Hindi-1, Ev.S.


Today's C.W.
Eng - L - 7 Frame Sentences
Ev.S - Fill Ups (Helpers).
Palash - Pages 41,42
J.Maths - Pages - 101, 105.

Today's H.W.

Eng - Do practice of Frame Sentences
J.Maths - Complete page - 101.
Books- Vyakaran, Ev.S, G.K.
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi(2)
Note- Kindly Check The 2nd Assessment Syllabus in the head " Assessment Syllabus"


Today's C.W.

Hindi- Vakya banaiye chandra bindu
Maths- Shapes
Vyakran- Anusuar and Anunasik
Art - Page - 10

Today's H.W.
Palash - Do page -40.
Vyakran Read Page - 51 and complete page 55.
Books- Palash, computer, J.Maths, M.Maths (for Absentees)
Nbooks- Eng-2, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
English- L-7(frame Sentences)
Ev.S- Names of Community Helpers
G.K- Ch - 11, 17
J. Maths - Page - 100
Palaash- Pages 38,39

Today's H.W.
English- Do Practice Of Frame Sentences (L-7)
Ev.S-Paste pictures of community helpers.
Books- Vyakaran, j.Maths, Computer, & Art
Notebooks- Hindi(2),Math, Drawing

Today's C.W.
Hindi writing practice
Maths - Addition carry over
Science kit- Our helpers
Virtual visit to a fire station

Today's H.W.
Science kit- Practice our helpers activity
Geammer  - Revise has / have.
Books- Palash, J.Maths.,G.K.
Nbooks- English-2, Ev.s.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya Banaiye(ang ki matra)
Maths- Addition (carry over)
English Grammar-Pages 36,38.
Vyakaran- Pages 76,77,78

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do practice of addition (carry over)
Hindi-   Learn Dino aur mahino ke naam.
Note-* Bring sc. kit (our helpers) with science explorer.
         * Check the October Planner in the head ' MONTHLY PLANNER'

Today's C.W.
 English - sound 'th'
Ev.S.- L-11 Guess who am I ?
Vyakran- Pages - 72,73
Tulip- Page- 33, 34, 35
Ev.s.- L- 18 Taking care of our things. (intro)

Today's H.W.
Maths -Do practice of addition(carry over) in rough
Ev.S- Read L - 18 and Draw flowers in notebook.
Books- Grammar, Vyakran, J.Maths
N.books- HIndi-2 , Maths

Today's C.W.
HIndi- Foolo k naam
Maths- Addition with carryover
Vyakran- 79, 80
Tulip- L- 7 Father of the nation; Mahatma Gandhi
Ev.S.- L-18 taking care of your hings

Today's C.W.
Tulip- Read L-7.
Hindi - Draw and colour fhoolo ke naam.
vyakran - Read page - 79 and do page - 81.
Books- Tulip, Vyakran., J.Maths.
Nbooks- Ev.s., English-1

Today's C.W.
English- Sound 'sp'
Ev.S- L-11 (Fruits having one seed,many seeds, no seeds)
Palaash- Pages 35,36.
English Grammar- Pages 49,50
Music -bhajan

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Draw two- two pictures related to c.w
Palaash- Read page 35
English Grammar- Read page 49
Books- Ev.S, Vyakaran, Tulip
Notebooks- Hindi (1), Maths

Today's C.W.

Non- fire cooking- Corn chaat
Science kit- Plant lab book activity
Movie time- Let's follow Gandhiji's footsteps
English Writing Practice in three -in -one notebook.

Today's H.W.
Cursive - Do page -22.
Vyakran -Do page -49.
Science kit- Practice plant lap activity
Books- Palash, grammar, g.k.
Notebooks- Ev.S., English - 1


Maths - Shapes (Triangle, circle)
Hindi - Re ki matra ke vakya banao.
Computer - Practical.
Games - Dodg ball.

Today's H.W.
Computer - Read L - 5 and do page -61.
Science Kit - Bring Plant lap book activity.
Book - Cursive.
Note - Bring the following material for non fire cooking tomorrow.
           1. boiled sweet corn.
           2. chat masala
           3. half lemon.
           4. 5 paper napkins.
           5. spoon

Today's C.W.
English Test of genders
Ev.S.- L-11 (Things we get from plants)
Vyakran- L-15 Page 46,47.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Do pages - 48, 50.
Books- computer ,D.D., vyakaran
Nbooks- Hindi 2, Maths


Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd -Rachna(ri  ki matra)
Maths- Shapes (square &rectangle)
English Grammar- 41
Vyakaran- Pages 59, 60

Today's H.W.
Vyakaran- Do page 61
Grammar - Do page - 42.
English- Learn Genders for  tomorrow test
Books- Vyakaran, Tulip, M.Maths
Notebooks- English(1),Ev.S

Today's C.W.
English- Test of articles.
Ev.S.- L-  11 (Healthy food and junk food)
Palash- Ri  ki matra page 26,27
Art- Page 35.
Computer - Practical.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Draw 5 Healthy and 5 junk food in n.book.
Palsh - Read page 26.
Books- G. K, Grammar, Vyakran
Nbooks- Hindi-1, Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya of aau ki matra
Maths- Word problem of subtraction (double digit)
Grammar- Introduction of pronouns( Pages 38,39,40)
Mental Maths- Pages29,47

Today's H.W.
English(Grammar)- Revise a,an,the for test tomorrow.
Mental Maths- Do ex.24
Books- Palaash,Computer,Art
Notebooks- English-2,Ev.S
Note- Test of Genders on 27-9-18(Thursday)

Today's C.W.
English Calligraphy Competition
Hindi sulekh
Free play- Dodge Ball
Cursive - Page - 17

Today's H.W.
Maths- Write number in subtraction form (like for number 7 - 8-1=7, 10-3=7, 9-2=7)in activity file
Books- J.maths, M.Maths, Grammar
N.books- Hindi 2 for absentees , Maths
Note- Bring fruit chat on Monday.

Today's C.W.
English- L- 10 Camping out frame sentences
Ev.S.- L-11 (parts of a plant)
D.D.- Page 23, 24
Vyakran - Pages - 43

Today's H.W.
Eng - Frame sentences in n.book.
Vyakaran- Do page 44, 45
Nbooks- English 2
Book - Cursive
Note- English calligraphy competition on 22-9-18.

Today's C.W.
Hindi - oo ki matra ki shabd rachna
Maths  - Subtraction double digit
Grammar - Pages 17, 18.
J.Maths - pages - 65, 76
Ev.S - Reading of L -11.(Introduction)

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Colour page - 35.
J.Maths - Do page -98.
Grammar - Do page - 19.
N.Book - Ev.S.
Books - J.Maths, Computer, D.Drops

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 11 Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. (Fill Ups)
J.Maths - Pages - 34, 63 and Introduction of shapes
Vyakran - OO ki matra pages - 41, 42.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Read L - 11
J.Maths - Do pages - 64, 75.
Books - Grammar, Ev.S, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi 1 , Maths
Note - Bring green vegetable in Lunch tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Subtraction Double digit
Hindi- Auu ki matra ka parichay
Palaash- Page 33
Vyakran page 94
Ev.s.- L-11pages31,32,33

Today's H.W.
Palaash- Do page 34.
Vyakaran- Complete Page 95
Books- Computer, Vyakran,J.Maths
Nbooks- English- 2, Ev.S.


Today's C.W.
Card -Making for grandparents
Cursive- Page 33
Practice notebook(three-in -one)- English Writing
aau ki matra ka parichay
Rangmanch Ki Kahaniya - Path - 5
Science Kit - Summer Season

Today's H.W.
Paste the pictures related to wh sound words & flags of India's neighbouring countries in activity file.
Books- Vyakaran, J.Maths, Palaash, Ev.S
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi (1)(With Column)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Word problem subtraction
English - Frame sentences L-10
Dew Drops - pages - 25, 26

Today's H.W.
Eng - Make sentences in n.book.
Maths - Do word problem in n.book
Books - Cursive, tulip for absentees, Rangmanch
Note - 1. Bring Science Kit Seasons and clothes (Summer Season)
           2. Bring A-4 size white sheet for card making and bring material accordingly.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye aur matra lagaiye
Ev.s.- Test of L-8
G.K - Ch - 25
Grammar- Page 23.
Tulip - Reading of L - 10.
Drawing - Ganesh chaturthi

Today's H.W.
G.K. - Do Ch - 38
Computer - Read L - 5
Drawing - Do colouring in Ganesha
Grammar- Do page 24.
Books - Vyakran, J.Maths, D.D.
Nbooks- Maths , English 2 (for absentees)

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation
Maths- Expanded form
Tulip- Page 50,51
Grammar- Page 20,21
Dew Drops - Page -24.

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 22
Ev.S.- Revise L-8 for test tomorrow.
Dew Drops - Read page -24.
Books- Tulip, Grammar, G.K., Computer
Nbooks- Hindi 1 , Ev.s., Drawing


Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd Rachna (o ki matra)
Ev.S- L-9 Fill Ups
J.Maths - Do page - 33.
Tulip- Reading of L- 10
Computer - Practical

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-10 & learn spellings from L-8 for dictation.
Books-Grammar, Vyakaran, Tulip, J.Maths, D.D
J.Maths - Do page - 30.
Vyakran - Do page -40
N.Books - Eng 1, Maths
Note-Ev.S-Test of L--8 on 13-9-18

Today's C.W.
Ev.S- L-9

Grammar - Pages - 32, 33
Mental Maths- Exercise- 25
Tulip - page -41
Maths- Short Form
English- L-8 fill ups

Today's H.W.
Ev.S- Read L- 9 & do page 24
Tulip - Do page -40
Books- Tulip, Computer, Art, J.Maths
Notebooks- Ev.S,Hindi (1)
Note- English Dictation of L-8 will be on 12-9-18


Today's C.W.
Hindi- O ki matra ka parichay
Ev.S- L-8 (Matching)
Vyakaran- PageS - 38, 39

Today's H.W.
Science Explorer- Do Pages 5,6,10,11,12
Art- Do Page 37
Vyakran - Do Q - 3 on page 39.
Books-  Mental Maths, Grammar, Ev.S.
Notebooks- Maths,English(2)

Today's C.W.
Maths- Place value
English - Frame sentences L-8
Palaash- Page 30 and intro of o ki matra

Today's H.W.
English- Do frame sentences
Palash- Read page 32.
M.Maths - Do page -23.
Books- Vyakran, D.D., Computer
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi set 1
NOTE - Check September Planner on site.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Rango k naam
Ev.S.- L-8 Fun with colours
Jmaths- Page-96
Tulip- Page 38,39
Drawing- Teachers' Day

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 96.
Ev.S - Read L - 8 ,Draw and colour a rainbow in n.book.
Hindi - Do colouring in n.book
Books- Palaash, M.M.
Nbooks- Maths

Today's C.W.
Tulip- L-8 Reading
Ev.S.-Fun with colours intro and reading
G.K.- Ch-2
English-Sound 'wh'
Maths- Counting 150-200.

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-8
G.k.- Do ch- 26.
Books- Tulip, J.Maths
Nbooks- Ev.s. Drawing
Note- Bring English and Hindi sentence notebook tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Janmashtmi function
Hindi - Dictation matra (a, ae)
Science kit- Seasons and clothes- rainy season

Today's H.W.
Books- Tulips, EvS. , G.K.
Nbooks- English, Maths
Cursive - Do page -32.
Art - Do page - 21.

Today's C.W.
English- Dictation of L-13
Hindi- Shrutlekh

Today's H.W.
Dew Drops - DO page - 21.
Hindi - Revise a, ae ki matra for Dictation
Note- Bring science kit- Seasons and clothes (rainy season)

Today's C.W.
English- Vegetable names
Maths- Word problem addition.
Computer - Practical of Tux paint.

Today's H.W.
English- Revise for dictation and colour vegetables in n.book
Maths - Do word problem in n.book.
Books- Cursive, Activity file
Nbooks- English, Hindi
Note- 1.Bring decorative material (stone stickers, mirrors, stars, cotton), fevicol for pot decoration activity tomorrow.
2. Bring garland tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Test of Festivals
Maths- Test of addition and subtraction.
G.K. - Ch - 16.
Grammar - Page -47.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Dictation of e and ee ki matra on 31-8-18
English - Dictation of l-13 on 31-8-18
J.Maths.- Do page 56.
D.Drops - Do page -20.
Books- D.D., J.Maths
Nbooks- Eng(for absentees), Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Lesson -13  Fill ups (A Rainy Day)
Maths - Test of Addition and subtraction
Dew Drops - Page-21, 22
Art Book- Page-9

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise for dictation of matra u and uu.
Ev.S - Revise Festivals for test.
Books - J.Maths, G.K.
Notebooks- Ev.S, Hindi
Note- Bring one separate 3 in 1 labelled and covered notebook tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L - 16 (Meals of the day.)
Hindi - Vachan badaliye
Cursive - page - 23.
Science kit- Home and around (Bath room and bed room)

Today's H.W.
Eng - Read L - 13.
Maths - Revise for the test of subtraction (single digit) and addition (double digit) tomorrow.
Books  - Computer, Dew Drops, M.Maths, Art
N.Books - Eng, Maths, Drawing
NOTE - Test of Festivals on 29-8-18
             Bring one pastel sheet and sketch pens tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Games- Hoopla race
Science kit- Home and around (Living room and Kitchen)
English- Cursive writing practice and myself.

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Dictation of u and uu ki matra on 29-8-18
Maths- Test of subtraction (single digit) and addition (double digit) on 28-8-18.
Books- Cursive, Sc. Kit (bedroom, bathroom)
N.Books- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 A Rainy Day(Frame Sentences)
Maths- Expanded &Short Form
Hindi Reading Test

Today`s HW
G.K- Do Chapter 16
Science Kit- Bring home &around(Kitchen&Living room)
Books- Art, Activity File, Cursive
Bring Rakhi Material Tomorrow For The Activity

Today`s C.W
English- L-13 Word  Bank
Ev.S- A Few Things I Need(Seasons &Clothes)
G.K.- Ch- 16

Today`s HW
Mental Maths- Complete Page 22
G.K.- Do ch- 14.
Books- grammar, vyakaran, palaash
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
HIndi- Vachan badliye e ki matra
Maths- Word problem (addition)
Drawing - Cow
Vyakran - Page - 35.

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 60, 62.
Grammar - Do page 48.
Books- J.Maths, G.K,  M.M.
Nbooks- English, Ev.S.
Note- 1. Bring 3D flowers, half meter ribbon and decorative material on 25-8-18 for Rakhi making.
2. Worsksheets given. Kindly return on 23-8-18.
3. Tomorrow is a holiday on account of EID.

Today's C.W.
English- Sound 'sh'
Ev.S.- A few thing we need - clothes

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 26, 45
Ev.S.- Paste pictures of clothes in nb.
Books- Grammar,, Jmaths, Computer
Nbooks- Hindi, Maths , Drawng
Note- Hindi reading test of matra aa, e, ee, u, uu on 24-8-18

Today`s C.W
Story Narration Presentation
  Sports-  Dodge Ball
Hindi- Vakya Banaiye (ae ki matra)

Today`s H.W
J.Maths- Do Pages 29,59
Art- Do Page 23
Books- Tulip, Vyakaran J.Maths
Notebooks- English, Ev.S
note- English Reading Test will be on 20-8-18 (Monday)

Today's C.W.
Activity- Origami Umbrella
Tulip- Page 62, 63
English Grammar- Page 46
English- Sound' ch`
Maths- Word Problem (Addition)

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do Word Problem (addition )single digit in notebook.
Tulip- Do Page 64
Books- Tulip, M.Maths, Vyakran
Notebooks- Hindi, Ev.S
Tomorrow is English Reading Test of Lesson 4 & 6

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Shabd rachna ae ki matra
Tulip- L-13 Intro
Computer  - L - 3
Drawing - Kite making.

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read L-13.
Vyakran- Do page - 37
Books- Tulip, Grammar
Nbooks- English, Maths, Activity file
Note- Bring two origami sheets on 16-8-18.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Addition (Roll number game)
English- Independence Day C.R.
Ev.S.- L- 16 Reading
G.K - Ch - 8.

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Do page 54.
Ev.S.- Read L-16
Books- Tulip, Vyakran, Computer.
N.book- Hindi
Note-  English reading test of L-4 and L-6 is on 18-8-18

Today's C.W.
Hindi - ae ki matra ka parichay
Grammar - Describing words Pages - 43, 44
J.Maths - Page - page -58.
Indipendence day activity

Today's H.W.
Grammar - Do page - 45.
Vyakran - Do page - 36.
G.K - Do ch - 8.
Books - Rangmanch, Grammar, G.K.
N.Books - Eng, Maths, Drawing.

Today's C.W.
Eng - L -6 Frame sentences.
Maths - Addition (Double Digit)
Ev.S- L- 15 Matching
Palaash- ae ki matra (Page 29)

Today's H.W.
Palaash - Read Pages - 28, 29
J.Maths - Do page - 53.
N.Book - Hindi
Books - Grammar, Vyakran, G.K, J.Maths.
NOTE - Check August Planner on site.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya banaiye
Vyakran - Pages - 34.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Read - L -6 and learn Word Bank.
M.M.- Do page 40.
Books- Palash, J.Maths.
NBooks- English, Maths, Ev.S.
Note- Bring one cutout of kite (on white sheet A4) and orange, white and green bindies or stone stickers on 10-8-18 for activity.

Today`s C.W
M.Maths - Do Ex - 40.
English- L-6 Word Bank
Maths- Subtraction(number line)
J.Maths- Pages 31,48
Drawing - Cat

Today`s H.W

Art - Do page - 25
English Grammar- Read page 53
Books- J.Maths, Vyakaran, Computer, Cursive.
Notebook- Hindi
Note- Tomorrow is English Narration Story

Today"s C.W.
Ev.S.- L-15 True/ False
Hindi - Shabd rachna
M.M.- Page 19
Vyakran - Page - 32.
J.Maths - Pages - 24, 25.

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 28.
Vyakran - Do page - 33 and complete  page - 75.
Books- JMaths, Grammar, Computer.
NBooks- English, Maths, Drawing
Note- 1. Do reading practice daily.
2. Bring 1 3 in 1 rough notebook daily.

Today"s C.W.
English- Sound 'll', Cursive a-z and A-Z
English Grammar- Page 37
Cursive- Page 21
G.K- Page 12
FRienship Day Celebration

Today's HW.
Computer- Revise assessment syllabus
M.M. - Do page 20.
G.K.- Do ch- 47
Books- J.Maths M.M.Vyakaran
Nbooks- Hindi Ev.S.

Today"s C.W.
Hindi Worksheet
Eng - Sound - "oo"
Ev.S - L- 15 (People in my school)
Eng - L - 6 (Page -29)

Today"s H.W.
Eng - Do pages - 30, 31.
G.K - Do page 47
Books - D.D, M.M, Grammar
N.Book - Eng
NOTE- *  Bring  snacks & friendship band tomorrow

Today"s C.W.
English- Sound "ee" words.
Tulip- Reading of lesson- 6
Vyakaran-  page-30,31
Maths- Expanded form in notebook
J.Maths- Pages- 31 and 48.
M.Maths - Exercise - 12

Today"s H.W.
Hindi- Revise for worksheet.
Books- Ev.S,Tulip, J.Maths, Grammar
Notebooks- English,Ev.S
Note- English story narration competition on 8-8-18

Today's C.W.
Maths Worksheet
Ev.S.-L-15 A day in school (Rooms in my school)
Hindi- a ka parichay
Ev.s.-  L-15 Back excercise
Computer Lab - Tux paint practice

TOday's H.W.
M.M.- Do page 17,18
Books- Vyakran, M.Maths, Tulip, J.Maths
Nbooks- English, Maths
NOTE - Do reading practice daily.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Short Form
Eng - Jumbled Sentences
Hindi - Palaash - Page - 28 ' a' ki matra
Rangmanch ki kahaniya - Path - 3 Shert aur khargosh
Computer - Introduction of L - 3.
Drawing - Page - 17.

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise for Assessment
Eng - Do jumbled sentences in n.book
Books - J.Maths, Ev.S , Computer
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
English Worksheet
Hindi- Vakya Banao(uu)
Maths- Place Value
Ev.S.- Intro of L- 15

Today's H.W.
JMaths- Do page 52.
G.K.- Do ch- 30
M.M.- Do page 21.
Books- Palaash, English Gr, Rangmanch ki kahaniyan,G.K
Nbooks- Eng, Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Worksheet.
Eng - One and Many (es)
Hindi - Shabd Rachna (uu ki matra)
Grammar - Page - 36.
G.K. - Chapter  - 44.

Today's  H.W.
Eng - Revise For Assessment.
Books - Ev.S, J.Maths
N.Books - Hindi, Maths.
J.Maths - Do page - 22.
Note - Carry Access Card for P.T.M. 

Today's C.W.
Maths - Subtraction
Ev.S - Festivals (Name the festival)
Maths - 47, 49
Dew Drops - Pages - 18, 19.

Today's  H.W.
Ev.S - Revise for the Assessment.
Ev.S - Paste pictures of Festivals in n.book.
N.Books - Hindi, Eng
Books - Grammar, G.K.


Today's C.W.
G.K Worksheet.
Vyakaran - Page29
Maths- Subtraction (vertical method) in notebook.
English- One and many in notebook.
J.Maths - Page 21.

Today's  H.W.
Books- Dew Drops, J.Maths
Notebooks- Maths,Ev.s
Note- Check assessment syllabus on site.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Festivals- National and Religious
Hindi - Revision of ee and ginti
Grammar- Page 34, 35
G.K. - Page -44

Today's H.W.
G.K.- Revise for worksheet
Books- Vyakran, Cursive
Nbooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Addition.
English - Creative writing - Rainbow
Jmaths- Page 46,47
Mental Maths- Page 30

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise ee ki matra and ginti
Vyakran - Complete pages 27, 28.
Books- Computer, Vyakran, G.K.
Nbooks- HIndi, Ev.S., Activity file

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of Creative Writing (My Family)
Science Kit - Finger Family (story dramatisation)

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise addition (vertical,number line)
Books- J.Maths, G.K, English Grammar, 
Notebooks- Maths, English
Note- kindly check the Revision sheet of Computer & G.K on the site tomorrow.

Maths - Revision of Before, After and in Between.
Eng - L -5 Colours (Rhyming words)
G.K. - Oral Revision of Good and bad habits
Vyakran - Page - 27
Computer - Page  -

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise Creative Writing (My Family)
G.K - Revise - Chapters 20, 21, 31
Note - Bring Family Puppet from Science Kit
Books - G.K., J.Maths, Cursive
N.Book - Eng
Note - Bring finnger puppet from science kit tomorrow.
         2) Bring swimming costume, towel, one pair of inner garments in a labelled polybag tomorrow for pool party.

Today's C.W.
EV.S.- L-4 A family (big family)
Hindi- Badi ee ki matra revision
Jmaths- Pages- 20
Tulip- Page 25,26
Computer - Pages 21, 22.
Dew Drops - Pages - 15, 16

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise before after, between.
J.Maths - Complete page - 36
Dew Drops - Read Page - 7.
Books- Vyakran, G.K., Art.
Nbooks- English, Maths
Note- Check site for yearly syllabus.

Today's C.W.
English- REvision of L-2 and alphabetical order
Maths- Subtraction (pictorial)
D.D.- Page 16, 17
Ev.S.- Page 17

Today's H.W.
Computer- Do page 21.
Hindi- Revise badi ee ki matra
books- jmaths, Tulip
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Eng - Revision of Alphabetical order and dictation of L -2.
Maths - Subtraction (Pictorial method)
Vyakran - Pages - 74,75.
J.Maths - Pages - 18 and 36.
Ev.S - Page - 18.

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Revise 'ee' ki matra.
Ev.S - Read L - 5 and complete page 13.
J.Maths - Do page - 19.
Books - Tulip, Computer, Dew Drops, J.Maths.
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of L-17
Hindi- UU ki matra parichay
Drawing - Rabbit with letter R
Tulip- Intro of L-5

Today's H.W.
English- Learn word bank of L-2 for dictation and revise alphabetical order.
Books- Ev.S., J.Maths.
N.Books- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Revision of L-3
Maths - Revision of Ascending order and descending order
Palaash- Pages 24, 25
Ev.S.- Intro of L-5 Growing up
G.K - Chapter - 31.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S.- Read pages 15,16 and revise L-17
Books- Tulip, Computer , Ev.S
Nbooks- Ev.S., Hindi,Drawing

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- Revision of L-2, 3
Maths- Table of 2
vyakran - Pages - 26,27.

Today's H.W.
English- revise L-3 and naming words
Maths- Revise descending and ascending order.
Jmaths- Do pages 54,55
Books- Palash, Ev.S, G.K.
N.books- English, Maths
Note- 1. Tomorrow is a holiday.
2. Tomorrow's revision is postponed to 24-7-18.

Today's C.W.
Eng - Revision of L - 1, Articles (a, an), fruits.
Ev.S - L - 4 A Family (Types Of Family)
Grammar - 29, 30.
M.Maths - Exercise - 10 and 16.
Drawing - Making of boat and ship from no. 1.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Revise L- 2 and 3.
Books - Palash, Vyakran.
N.Books - Ev.S, Maths.
Eng (G) - Do page 31.

Today's C.W.
Computer -Reading of  L - 2.
Hindi - Revision of 'aa' ki matra.
Eng -  Naming words.
Eng (G) - Pages - 26, 27, 28.
G.K - Chapter - 20.

Today's H.W.
Eng - Revise L - 1, Articles (a, an), fruits.
Eng - Paste Pictures of Naming Words in n.book.
N.Books - Ev.S, Eng, Drawing.
Books - Eng(G), M.Maths.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Revision of Number names, comparing numbers and missing numbers
Hindi- Chitr Pehchaniye Matra Lagaiye
English Grammar- Page 25

Today's H.W.
Hindi- Revise AA ki matra
Books- English Grammar, G.K
Notebooks- English,Hindi
NOTE- Kindly check the assessment schedule & July Planner in the heads 1st  assessment schedule & July  Monthly Planner.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S. - Revision of L-1
Maths- Ordinal NUmbersu
Art - Do page - 6
Ev.S.- Intro of L-4

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise Number names, comparing numbers and missing numbers
Books- Jmaths, Grammar
Nbooks- Maths, Hindi

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - L- 17 Healthy Habits (True/ False)
Hindi - U ki matra Ki shabd rachna
M.Maths - Page - 14.
Science Kit - Nutritional Planner.

Today's H.W.
Ev.S - Revise L - 1 for revision on 9-7-18
Books  - Ev.S, Art
N.Books - Maths, Ev.S 
NOTE - Check Recapitulation schedule and assessment syllabus from the website.

Today's C.W.
English- L-4 Frame sentences
Maths- Addition
Vyakran- u ki matra pg 23,24
G.K. - Chapter 9

Today's H.W.
Vyakran- Complete page 24 and do page 25.
G.K.- Do chapter 6
Books- Mental maths
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.s.
Note- Bring nutrition planner from science kit.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Addition on number line
English - L-4 Word bank
Vyakran- Page 22
Ev.S. - Page 62

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Do page 15
Tulip- Read l-4
Books- Jmaths, Dewdrops, Computer
Nbooks- Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Ginti 1-10
Ev.S- L-17 Healthy Habits
Tulip- Pages 21,22
Palash- Page 23

Today's H.W
Tulip- Pages 19,20,21
Palash- Read Page 23
Books-  Ev.S,Vyakaran
Notebooks- English, Maths
 Note- Bring Scale tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Tulip- Reading of pages 19,20
Ev.S- Reading of L-17
English- Colours Name
Maths- Picture Addition
Computer- Review of L-1

Today's H.W.
J.Maths- Do pages- 12,13
Ev.s- Do page 60,61
Books- Palash,Tulip
Notebooks- Hindi, Ev.S

Today's C.W.
English- L-3 fill ups
Hindi- Vakya banaiye ee kia matra

Today's H.W.

1.Check  the school site for holidays  homework in the head `Holidays homework.`
2. Holidays are from 14-5-18 to 1-7-18.
3. School will reopen on 2-7-18
4. Bring following  books &notebooks on 2-7-18:
Books- Tulip, Ev.S
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Chitra pehchaniye matra lagaiye ee ki matra
Maths- Descending order
Dewdrops- page 21.
Vyakran - Page -22.

Today's H.W.
Dewdrops- Do page 22.
Palash - Do page - 11
Books- Dew Drops, Activity file
Nbooks- English, Hindi
Note- 1. Bring activity material tomorrow.
2. Bring your favourite snack with juice tomorrow for party.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- ee ki matra shabd rachna
Ev.S.- Test of parts of my body
Vyakran - Page - 20.
Computer - 13, 14.

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Do page - 21
Computer - Do pages - 15 and 16.
Books- Vyakran, Computer, Tulip(for absentee)
Nbooks- Hindi, Maths
Note- Bring sprouts tomorrow

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Badi ee ki matra ka parichay
M.Maths - Pages 6, 7.
Maths- Ascending order
Grammar - Page -15.

Today's H.W.
Grammar - Do page - 16.
Ev.S - Learn spellings of parts of body.
Dew Drops - Do page - 9.
Books- Palash, Compute, Dew Drops.
Note Books - Hindi, Ev.S
Note- * Bring Cookies Tomorrow.
Bring one square shape pastel sheet (9cm sides), 3 D Flowers, 1 ribbon bow on Saturday(12/5/18)

Today's C.W.
English- L-3 Frame sentences
Hindi- Vakya Baniye( e ki matra)
Palaash-Pages 20
Eng grammar- Pages 14

Today's H.W.
Grammar- Read page 14.
Palash- Read page 21.
Books- J.Maths, DewDrops, English Grammar
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi
Note- Bring salad for party tomorrow.

Today's C.W
Hindi- Shrutlekh
J.Maths- Page 40
Vyakaran- Pages 19
Drawing- Mother`s Day Drawing

Today's H.W
J.Maths- Do page 41
Books- English Grammar, Tulip, palash
Notebooks- English, Hindi
Note-1) Bring corn bhelpuri tomorrow.
        2) Learn parts of body for Ev.S test on 10-5-18

Today's C.W.
Eng - L-3 Tilu Talks (Word Bank)
Maths - Descending Order.
G.K - Page - 43.

Today's H.W.
Hindi - Dictation of  'aa' aur 'e' ki matra on Monday (7-5-18)
N.Books - Hindi, Drawing.
Books - J.Maths, Vyakran
NOTE - Bring Fruit Chat on Monday(7-5-18)

Today's C.W.
Ev.S.- L-3 True or false
Hindi - Chitra pehchaniye e ki matra
JMaths- Page 39.

Today's H.W.
Jmaths- Complete page 39.
Vyakran - Do page 18
Computer Do Q 4 on page12.
Books- Vyakran., Computer, G.K.
Nbooks- English, Maths

Today's CW
English- My family (creative writing)
Maths- Ascending order in notebook.
Tulip- Back exercise of lesson-3

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Do pages-17 and 18.
J.Maths - Complete page 38
Books- J.Maths, Mental maths, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi, Evs.

Today's CW
HIndi- ee ki matra shabd rachna
Ev.S.- L-3 Answer in one word.
Tulip- L-3 tilu talks (reading)

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Read l-3
Jmaths- Do page 11.
Books- Tulip, J.Maths, Vykaran
Nbooks- English, Math

Today's C.W.
Swach Bharat 
Rangmanch ki kahaniya - Story 2
Origami - Hut
Vyakran - Pages 14,15

Today's H.W.
Vyakran - Complete page 15 and do page 16
Computer - Do Q1 and2 on page 11.
Ev.S - Read L-3
Books - Tulip, Computer, Ev.S, Cursive
N.Books - Hindi, Ev.S.

Today's C.W.
Computer- Pages 7 & 8
Dew Drops- Pages 5
Maths- Write in Numerals
English- Vowels & Consonants

Today;s H.W.
Dew Drops- Do pages  6
Computer Read L - 1
Books- Vyakaran, Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan,Activity File, Computer, Cursive
NOTE- Bring 2 origami sheets (any colour) tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Functions of parts of the body.
Hindi - 'e' ki matra ka parichay
Art- Page 25
Mental Maths- Page 5
J.Maths- Page 10

Today;s H.W.
Art - Complete page - 25
Mental Maths - Complete page - 5.
Ev.S- Draw sense organs in notebook.
Books- Cursive, Computer
Notebooks- English, Maths

Today's C.W.
English- Alphabetical Order
Maths- Put the sign
Palaash- ee ki matra (intro)
G.K.- Page 28

Today;s H.W.
Palaash- Read page 20
Computer- Read page 5 and 6
Jmaths- Do page 10
Books- JMaths,Mental maths, Art
Notebooks- Ev.s, Hindi

Today's C.W
Hindi- Vakya banaiye (aa ki matra)
J.Maths- Page 8
Cursive - page - 13, 14

Today's H.W
Cursive - Do page - 15
Ev.S - Read L - 3
Books- G.K, Palaash, Computer
Notebook- Maths, English

Today's C.W
EvS- Page-10
Maths- What comes in between
English- Lesson-3 Fill ups
Cursive- Page -10 and 11

Today's H.W
EvS- Do page- 11
Cursive- Complete page 11 and 12
Books-J.Maths,Vyakaran , Cursive
Notebooks- EvS,Hindi ,
Note- Bring colours for kids contest.

Today's C.W
Rangmanch ki kahaniyan- L-1
Mental Maths - Page - 3
Drawing -Activity on Earth Day
Mental Maths- Page 4
Vyakran - Pages 11, 12, 13.

Today's H.W
Mental Maths- Do Page 4
Cursive- Complete Page - 8
Vyakran - Complete Pages - 12 and 13
Books- Ev.S,Cursive, Dew Drops
Notebooks- English,Maths

Today's C.W
Computer- Page 4
Cursive - Page - 7
Hindi- Chitr pehchaniye matra lagaiye(aa ki matra)
Maths- Before & After
Ev.S- L-3 (Reading)

Today's H.W
Cursive - Complete Page 7.
Ev.S- Read L- 3
Books- Rangmanch Ki Kahaniyan, Cursive,Mental Maths, Grammar
Notebook- Drawing 

Today's C.W
Ev.S- L-2 (Jumbled Words)
English- L-2 (Frame Sentences)
Maths- Number Names (Dodging)
Cursive - page - 6.
Art - Page - 8

Today's H.W
Grammar - Do page - 13
Cursive - Complete page - 6
Books- Ev.S, Vyakran, Cursive, Computer
Notebooks- Hindi, Maths

Today's C.W
Hindi- Shbd Rachna(aa ki matra)
English Grammar- Pages11,12
G.K - Page - 17.
Drawing- Swacch Bharat

Today's H.W
Ev.S -Paste 5 Pictures of Parts of the body in n.book.
Vyakran Do page 10
J.Maths- Do Q2 Of Page 5
Books- Cursive, Art, Grammar.
Notebooks- English, Ev.S, Maths

Today's C.W
Ev.S- Names of the body parts
English- Word Bank of L-2 Bugs play the music
Dew Drops - Reading of page -2 and page 3.
Vyakaran- Page 9

Today's H.W
Dew Drops - Read  page -2 and page4.
Eng - Draw Cover page of L-2 in notebook.
Books- Grammar, Mental Maths
Notebooks- Maths, Hindi, Drawing

Today's C.W
Hindi- aa ki matra ka parichay
Maths- Number Names (dodging )
Tulip- Pages 12 &13
Drawing- Fruit Basket

Today's H.W
Tulip- Do page 14
J.Maths- Do page 6
Books- G.K, Vyakaran, Dew Drops.
Notebooks- English, Ev.S

Today's C.W
Mental Maths- Page 1
English Grammar- Page 6
G.K- Page 7
English- Fruits` Name in notebook

Today's H.W
English- Draw &colour fruits in notebook.
Mental Maths- Do Page 2
 Grammar- Do page 7
Book- Tulip
Notebooks- Hindi, Maths, Drawing
NOTE- * Fill access card with black pen & send it on Monday positively.
            *  Tomorrow is off on account of Ambedker Jayanti.

Today's C.W.
Tulip- L-2 (Reading)
Cursive- Page 5
Vyakaran- Pages 5 & 7
Hindi- Intro of  all matra

Today's H.W
Tulip- Read page 11
Cursive- Complete page 5
Vyakaran- Do page 6
Books- Grammar, G.K, Mental Maths
Notebook- English
Today's C.W.
Maths- Reverse Counting 100 -51
Palaash- Pages 18 &19
J.Maths-Page 6
Cursive- Pages 3,4

Today's H.W 
J.Maths- Do Q1 on  Page 5
Cursive- Complete Page 4
Books- Tulip, Cursive, Vyakaran
Notebook- Hindi

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Vakya Banaiye (amatrik shabd)
Computer- Pages 1,2,&3
Ev.S- Page5 
English Grammar- Introduction of alphbetical order(page5)

Today's H.W 
English Grammar- Complete page 5
Computer- Read Page 3
Books- Cursive, Palaash, J,Maths
Notebook- Maths
Today's C.W.
English- Rhyming Words Of  L-1 (At The Zoo)
Palaash- Page 18
Ev.S- L-2 (Reading)
Drawing- Baisakhi Scene
Eng (Tulip) - Page - 9.

Today's H.W 
Eng(T)- Do Page 10
Ev.S- Read Pages 3 &4
Books- English Grammar, Ev.S, Computer
Notebook- Hindi

Today's C.W.
Hindi - Amatrik shabd.
Activity file - Origami shirt.
Dew Drops - Page - 1.
Rangmanch Ki Kahaniya - Pages - 5, 6.

Today's H.W
J.Maths - Do page - 3.
Eng Grammar - Do page - 4.
Books- Eng (T), Ev.S, Hindi (P).
N.Books - Eng, Drawing.

Today's C.W.
Palaash- pages 16, 17
Tulip- L-1 At the zoo(page 8)
Maths- Reverse Counting 50-0

Today's H.W.
Tulip- Learn Rhyme on pages 7, 8
English Grammar- Complete pages 2 and 3.

Books- Activity File, Dew Drops
Notebook- Hindi (column)
Note- *Bring 2 origami sheets tomorrow.
         *Tomorrow is working.

Today's C.W.
E.v.S.- Girls and Boys
Palaash- Reading of page 14, 15
Tulip- L-1 At the zoo
Jmaths- Page 1, 2

Today's H.W.
Palash- Read pages 14,15
Jmaths- Complete page 2
Books- Palaash, Grammar, Tulip
Nbook- Maths

Today's C.W.
Ev.S - Page - 2.
Hindi - Pages - 9, 10, 11.
Eng N.Book - Small Cursive a to z.

Today's H.W.
Hindi (Pallash) - Complete page -11.
Ev.S - Complete page - 2.
Books - J.Maths, Eng (Tulip), Hindi (Pallash).
N.Books - Ev.S.